Project 365 Day 1 Breaking the Ice

Project 365 Day 1 Breaking the Ice
Testing the ice and breaking it up.

For our first picture of Project 365 for 2015, we took the dog for a walk down the fields and found a massive frozen puddle. Of course, it needed smashing with a big stick or two and standing on. As the puddle was not too deep, both children decided to try out welly ice skating on it. They started at the edge, just putting one foot on the ice to try it out. After that, it was both feet followed by trying to move as quickly as they could over the narrower parts of the ice. They both managed this successfully…to start with. As they got braver, they tried welly skating over the thicker parts of the ice this would have maybe been better if they had not both just spent quite some time trying to break the thick ice. You guessed it… we now had one very wet, crying girl. As S had fallen in the same puddle yesterday, and had giggled and giggled about it, he soon made H feel much better. Soon, she was giggling about her experience, after the initial shock of falling in the cold water.

We strolled back, with the children chatting and still giggling. Both children had had a lot of fun and were now even asking if they could have baths to warm up. Floppy dog loved sniffing around for rabbits, with Grandma holding her lead tightly. Such an enjoyable walk and we have the bonus of having both children bathed without a fuss today.

(I wouldn’t recommend walking on ice and definitely not on deep water, as it is dangerous. We walked on this icy puddle as we knew the part of the field very well and were absolutely certain that the puddle was shallow enough to keep us safe if we were to fall through).

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