Project 365 Day 2 Dog Walking

On Day 2 of Project 365, the children, Grandma and I took Floppy for a walk down the fields again. This time, as the icy puddle from yesterday had thawed and was now just a big puddle, S and H decided to play by the tree. They were using their imaginations to make up all sorts of scenarios. My son noticed that the tree has one large part of the root that has climbed up the trunk of the tree and wrapped itself around the branches. Both children loved pretending to use a large log as their ‘sofa’ and the trunk as their ‘fire’ to keep warm by.  I love watching them and listening to them making up little stories as well as talking to each other, whilst in character.  They can play for hours like this.

Our walks in the countryside are always so much fun.  Living in a town, we try to walk and/or run around in big open green spaces as much as possible.  I think that it is important for children to be able to run about and discover nature.  They ask so many questions about things they see around them.  Plus, they sleep better after their exertions.


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