Project 365 Week 2

Our Project 365 has continued this week, with a return to school for my son and the start of an extra nine hours per week at Nursery for my daughter.  On Day 4 (Sunday 4th January), we spent the day playing with Christmas toys and watching some of the DVDs they’d been given as gifts.  The children made themselves very comfortable and we had a lovely, relaxing day.

Project 365 Day 4
Project 365 Day 4 – relaxing

On Day 5, H had her first full day at Nursery.  After initially telling me that she wasn’t going and that she was spending the day with me (it took her all of five minutes protesting), she went very happily to Nursery.  She had to take her Princess Annual with her to show the other children though.  H had a fantastic day.  The Nursery staff were very pleased at how well she had taken to her full day.

Project 365 Day 5
Project 365 Day 5 – H’s first full day of Nursery

On Day 6, I found the children laid in my bed, fully clothed, pretending to be asleep.  S said that he couldn’t go to School because he was asleep.  I’d have fallen for it but there was too much giggling going on for that to have been true 😉 Nice try though.

Even though they were ‘asleep,’ they both still managed to be ready thirty minutes early for leaving the house.  I suspect they were both secretly excited about spending the day with their friends.

Project 365 Day 6
Project 365 Day 6 – “We’re asleep so we can’t go back to School!”

On Day 7, H got herself a piece of paper and her glitter glue pens and proceeded to make her own picture.  She even tidied away after herself.  This is one of the first times she has done this.  She often needs a bit of encouragement to do things like this so I was pleased when she made her picture, unprompted and independently.

Project 365 Day 7 - Making a glitter glue picture independently
Project 365 Day 7 – Making a glitter glue picture independently.

On Day 8, I think the tiredness must have got to them.  I could hear them both really giggling in the kitchen so I went to investigate.  They were taking it in turns to pull each other’s socks off!  What a strange game but a funny one 🙂

Project 365 Day 8 - Giggling as they pulled each other's smelly socks off.
Project 365 Day 8 – Giggling as they pulled each other’s smelly socks off.

On Day 9, after rescuing the poor bread from drowning in the soup, H decided it was time to pull funny faces.  She started doing this the other night during Facetime with my Mum and Dad.  As she made us all giggle so much, she has now started doing it more and more to keep us entertained.

Project 365 Day 9 - Pulling funny faces.
Project 365 Day 9 – Pulling funny faces.

On Day 10, the children were at their Dad’s so I spent some time with my Mum, Dad and Granddad.  When the children got home, my Mum and Dad stayed a while.  H loved showing her Grandma her new Hudl and both children enjoyed chatting to them.

Project 365 Day 10
Project 365 Day 10

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  • grumpinator

    There’s nothing quite like the first week back after a holiday. Full of giddy excitement and extreme exhaustion! x

  • Quite a lot of fun at home and school the first week!

  • Sonia

    Awww so please she enjoyed her first full day at nursery! Bless her she’s such a pretty girl. Love the photo of them both on the floor with their quilts – we had lots of similar time over Christmas 🙂

  • Mummyconstant

    Some good action shots. Love her curly hair.

  • Anne

    They sound like my kids, they always claim they don’t want to go to school, but it never lasts very long.

  • Awww such a big step the first full day.
    Glad she liked it

  • sabrina montagnoli

    Cute photos of your littles. So nice when they enjoy nursery. I love your little girl’s curls.

  • Love that they get on so well mine do in the grand scheme of things! Glad school went well too always hard when they start!x

  • It is great when they enjoy nursery , beautiful picture

  • Aww it sounds a very happy week and there’s lots of smiles

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I love the bond these two have, you’ve captured it perfectly in your pictures. I love the socks one Zx

  • Susanne Remic

    What gorgeous photos. You must let me in on your secret about how you get them ready for school 30 mins early! x x

  • LifeWithAsd

    you cant beat a nice comfy dvd day!! My favourite type of dya

  • mummyoftwo

    Lovely photos – it looks as if they get on really well (though I’m sure that’s not the case all of the time!).

  • Lots of lovely smiles and giggles. Great photos x

  • Leyla

    lazy days are great! Love the glitter picture too

  • Janice Mackin

    Looks like a fun week! I love the glitter picture, it’s great when they start doing things like that independently 🙂

  • Elaine Livingstone

    Love the pulling socks off, the mad things kids do to amuse each other always makes you laugh. Nice to get some adult time and for the children to get a break from you. Laughed at the sleeping pic, at least they were not fighting.

  • Rachel Simons

    Great photos, Looks like a busy and fun week 🙂

  • Hannah Jeeves

    H’s hat is fantastic! I’m glad she had a good full day 🙂 They look so relaxed in the first photo!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  • Big step to nursery for H. Glad she enjoyed it. Kids make up some funny games don’t they?

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Love the shot of them pretending to be asleep, my lot do that too 🙂