Project 365 Week 3

We’ve had a bit of an up and down week for Project 365 Week 3.  I suppose not every week can be a good week.

Day 11 started with Floppy feeling rubbish. She has an ear infection, which was making her shake her head a lot and scratch her ear too much. There was also a horrible smell of ear wax everywhere she had been. We started treating her with some ear drops, which she actually let me put in with no fuss at all. In fact, I think that she was pleased that it made her ear feel much better because of it. As we have had to do this daily all week, S has really enjoyed helping me to treat her and to give her a treat afterwards.

Day 12 was a day spent mainly on my own, as H was at Nursery and S was at school. I had lots of cuddles with Floppy dog and managed to get most of the way through my blogging list to make the most of the peace and quiet.

Day 13 S did his homework today with very little fuss! Phew!  I needed to get photographic evidence.

 Day 14. While we were walking back from school, we found this cannon that was being sold outside a shop that we regularly pass. S and H were both very taken with it. It’s not everyday you see a cannon on the way back from school.

Look what we found #OutandAbout #SnapHappyBritmums A photo posted by Rebecca Rose Bradshaw (@bekb65) on

Day 15 was spent playing with toys from Christmas again. Here, S made some special glasses and they both wore them for quite some time.

I wonder what they will make next…

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Day 16. We had a great time the other day making some cherry, chocolate and almond cookies from a pack ready mixed. It isn’t often that we make cookies like this but I was sure, after reading the ingredients on the packet that I was safe to eat them as there were none of the foods I was intolerant to on there. It seems that somewhere along the line (maybe as they were packaged in a factory that handled milk products? I don’t know), when I tried a cookie, I had a reaction within 15 minutes that told me that I’d just eaten something with milk in. I’ve not been ill from food since September so it hit me very hard. I spent a couple of days this week poorly because of it. S and H have been great though and gave me lots of cuddles. S helped me with making meals and H helped me by squealing at me less this week! Aside from the poorliness, we all did actually really enjoy the cookies, they were very tasty. I felt very hungry today so this was my dinner.

Day 17 was spent with the children’s Grandma, Granddad, Great Gran and Great Granddad.  It snowed in the morning, briefly so S and H, with Floppy of course, had a crazy, excited run around the garden.  S collected some of the snow for an experiment.  He put it in a biscuit tin and placed the tin over the guard for the open fire.  After I spent some time keeping H away from the hot tin, we saw the snow turn to water then evaporate.  S helped Granddad make a magazine rack while Holly, Grandma and I went to chat to Great Granddad and to help tidy their home.

Project 365 Day 17 - It's snowing!
Project 365 Day 17 – It’s snowing!

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  • mumtoamonster

    I hope floppy is better soon , it must be horrible when you cant help them. I hope you had more snow than us it was pathetic

  • Kirsty Phillipson-Lowe

    Arrr poor Floppy 🙁 lovely pictures, hope you have a good week x #TWTWC

  • Love the sticklebricks glasses – very inventive! Good to see Floppy out and about at the end of the week – hope he’s feeling better? Love the blogging list – it’s like a full time job!

  • sorry to hear that you have been so poorly! but glad to hear you are getting better .. i love bacon 🙂

  • Helen Rowlands

    Hope Floppy is better soon! Sorry you had a reaction to something in the cookies, its unfair for them not to write on there that there was a chance milk was handled. Glad the week ended on a high though.

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  • mummyoftwo

    Sorry you and Floppy have been poorly – hope you have both recovered now! What an interesting find that cannon was!

  • ClearlyBex

    Sorry you and Floppy have been feeling worse for wear but hopefully you are both fully mended now. x

  • Hannah Jeeves

    Ooh the fry up looks so good! I hope Floppy dog is feeling better now? Those glasses rock!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

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  • Elaine Livingstone

    That was a very clever experiment to do, and nice for them to see it work. It is really nice to get the generations together having fun. Poor Floppy dog but good that he let you pop ear drops in for him.

    Those glasses are very clever, and yum yum to bacon and sausage. Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  • Rachel Simons

    Love the stickle brick glasses hehe. Quite something to see a cannon on your way home from school 🙂