Project 365 Week 6

Here is our Week 6 of Project 365.

On Day 32, we made some Chinese New Year crafts as part of being Bostik Craft Bloggers.

Day 32-Making Chinese New Year crafts
Day 32-Making Chinese New Year crafts

For Day 33, both children were in an imaginative mood.  They decided to play a game with their potatoes.  The potatoes did a little dance, leaped about, ran away from the monsters and attacked the gammon.  They both ate all of their food and giggled throughout our meal.

Day 33 H playing with her food
Day 33 H playing with her food


Day 33 S playing with his food
Day 33 S playing with his food

Day 34 saw more snow.  I was hoping that we’d had enough the other day but the children were very excited!  We went to the park after School/Nursery and they had a run about for quite a while.  They played climbing up the mountain and rescuing each other by holding out long sticks as they pretended to slide down the side.

Day 34-more snow so we went outside-
Day 34-more snow so we went outside

Day 35 was spent reading lots of books before bedtime. I love that H can read her books to me now. She reads the pictures, telling me details from them and also remembers the words to read back to me.

I absolutely love when she reads to me 🙂 #reading #HappyDogSadDog

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Day 36  was spent dressing up.  Here H is being a Chef Doctor.  She was using her ‘timer’ (watch) and the medicine in her pocket to make Floppy and me feel better.  Kisses and cuddles were also given as First Aid.

Dressing up day
Dressing up day

Day 37 After very little sleep last night, H decided that we were to be sausage rolls in the morning.  By midday, she was sleepy and slept for most of the afternoon.  It turned out that she was poorly for a couple of days.

We’re being sausage rolls today. Even Floppy has joined in! 🙂 A photo posted by Rebecca Rose Bradshaw (@bekb65) on

Day 38 Grandma and Granddad visited and stayed for dinner.  Granddad was quite tired by the time he left…

Getting Granddad
Getting Granddad

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  • New Mum Online

    What a lovely way to enjoy a meal. That sounds like so much fun. I love her dressing up and that you got snow. We’ve had NONE. But wow today we had LOADS of frost AND fog. Aaron was captivated on the school run and I got LOTS of pics. Can’t wait for next week’s 365 now 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on mine. #Project365
    Liska @newmumonline:disqus

  • its one thing ive missed this year, none of my children have done chinese crafts which they usually do x

  • mumtoamonster

    potatoes must be the toy of choice this week. We had hours of fun with one yesterday

  • Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

    Hehe Grandparents are easily exhausted when kids are around!! Love your little girls hair, those ringlets! And so nice when kids are interested in books!

  • Janice Mackin

    Great photos! I love the chef doctor outfit! My boys loved Sad dog, Happy dog 🙂

  • Becky Cowley

    Lovely photos! What a great round up of the week x

  • mummyoftwo

    It sounds like a very imaginative and fun week! I hope H is all better now x