Real Baking Cake Pops Kit Review

We were excited to be reviewing the Real Baking Range’s Cake Pops Kit. I have always wondered how cake pops were made and we were eager to find out. We have also been reviewing the Real Baking Range’s Chocolate Pen, Great Baking Set and the Cookie Kit. We have really enjoyed using these to get baking after watching the Great British Bake Off on television.

The Real Baking Range Cake Pops Kit

The Cake Pops Kit (£9.99) included 12 lollipop sticks, 2 silicon mould sheets, 2 cone moulds and 1 mini doughnut mould sheet. This also contained an easy to follow guide. The ingredients and recipe ideas are not included in this set.  We loved the packaging and thought it was very appealing.  We liked the bright colours and how it showed exactly what is in the box.

We used the bowls from the Great Baking Set to make our cake batter. H really enjoyed doing this. We covered the cake pop moulds with a little oil so that the cakes didn’t stick. After this, we put some of the batter into the 3 cake pop moulds and covered them with the other half of the mould. The idea of this was to make sure the cakes are round.

Setting up the baking trays.

For some reason, this didn’t seem to work for us. Maybe there was an issue with our batter but the cakes did not rise much. They only filled half of the cake pop mould so we didn’t get fully rounded cakes. Also, we couldn’t get the cake pops out of the mould so we ended up with cake crumbs really. I think that we shall have to try this again soon to understand what we did wrong. I will maybe have to use a different recipe and put in slightly more mixture than the recipe said to add.

Making chocolate cones using the moulds.
Making chocolate cones using the moulds.
Removing the chocolate cones from the moulds.
Removing the chocolate cones from the moulds.

Enjoying the chocolate cones.

We did have great fun trying this kit out but there are a few things that we could improve upon next time.  H certainly enjoyed We are looking forward to making doughnuts when we use this kit again.

Have you tired this kit yet?



Disclosure: We received a Real Baking Range Cake Pops Kit for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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