Real Baking Chocolate Pen Review

We were thrilled to receive sets from the Real Baking Range, with S and H particularly excited about the Chocolate Pen review. Over the next few weeks, you will be able to find our reviews for the Real Baking Range’s Cake Pops Kit, Great Baking Set and the Cookie Kit.

The Real Baking Range Chocolate Pen
We also received some Divine chocolate to go with the set, even though this usually isn’t included in this kit. We were able to use the dark chocolate version of this chocolate but poor S had to eat the milk chocolate bar on his own. The dark chocolate Divine was ok for H and I to eat, as it had been produced in a factory that used milk but didn’t actually have milk in.

Breaking up the Divine chocolate
This kit contained the Chocolate Pen, 3 mould trays, 4 nozzles and claps, caps, 12 bags for chocolate and an instruction booklet. The RRP for this, at the time this post was published, is £19.99.

The Chocolate Pen

The first time we tried this, we didn’t realise that the Chocolate Pen needed 2x aaa batteries, as these were not included in the set. It does say that though so I think I must have overlooked it. I followed the instructions in the booklet to put the pen together. I must admit that I found this quite tricky. I tried it without the chocolate inside the bag for a practice. The idea is to take the pen apart and fit a bag of chocolate chips that have been melted in hot water, then to seal the bag with a nozzle and clamp. Finally, I needed to seal the bag in the Chocolate Pen so that it could be used to make our own creations with the melted chocolate on baking parchment.
The thing I found difficult was getting the bag of chocolate into the pen and sealing it up with my daughter asking me if I’d done it yet. I liked that the pen had a little cap to fit into the end that kept the runny chocolate from dripping out of the nozzle as I tried to put the bag of chocolate into the Chocolate Pen. I found that bag to be a little bit too big for the cavity I needed to fit it into so I needed to keep poking parts of it back into the pen as I tried to clip it all back together.

Setting up the Chocolate Pen.
Once it was together, H enjoyed filling up the chocolate moulds with the chocolate. Next time we use this, I think I will try to encourage H to make up her own designs on the baking parchment. She was so engrossed in filling the chocolate moulds that she decided not to make her own creations. She did have a lot of fun pressing the button though.

Filling the chocolate moulds.

The Chocolate Moulds

We loved the chocolate moulds. There were three trays of different shaped moulds for all sorts of occasions. H wanted to make Halloween chocolates to go with her cupcakes. There was a pumpkin shape, a skeleton, a bat and a ghost shape that all were great for this celebration. We liked that there were some for Christmas, Easter and there was even a unicorn chocolate to be made. H thought that this was the best thing ever!

The chocolate moulds in the Chocolate Pen Set.

Removing the chocolates from the moulds.

The chocolates.


I would say that this Chocolate Pen set would be suitable for children over 6 years old. I think that, due to it being quite tricky to put the pen together and having to melt the chocolate in hot water, an adult would need to do these parts. Although H is 4 years old, we certainly enjoyed using this set together. This would be a great idea for a Christmas gift for children that enjoy baking and creating.

Cakes decorated using the chocolates from the moulds.

Have you tried any of the Real Baking Range yet?

You can find Divine chocolate on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Disclosure: We received a Real Baking Range Chocolate Pen for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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