Real Baking Great Baking Set Review

We have been enjoying using the sets from the Real Baking Range and this is our Great Baking Set review. Over the next few weeks, you will be able to find our reviews for the Real Baking Range’s Cake Pops Kit, Chocolate Pen and the Cookie Kit.

The Real Baking Range Great Baking Set.

The Great Baking Set (RRP £19.99) included 16 mini cupcake cases, 4 piping bags, 3 measuring spoons, 1 large bowl, 1 small bowl, 1 suction cup, 1 egg cracker, 1 silicone tray and 1 icing nozzle. This also contained an easy to follow guide. The ingredients and recipe ideas are not included in this set.

We have all been enjoying The Great British Bake Off on television, which has meant we have baked lots of cakes over the past few weeks. Due to our intolerances, we often make vegan cakes so we used the recipes from Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town by Mellissa Morgan. I would highly recommend this book for anybody that has had trouble with getting their vegan /dairy free /egg free cakes to rise properly. There are lots of great tips in there too.

Getting ready to bake using the Great Baking Set.
Getting ready to bake using the Great Baking Set.

H had lots of fun making the cake batter and putting it into the tiny cupcake cases. The mould only has enough room for four small cupcake cases so we had to use our own muffin tin to enable us to use the rest of the cake batter. We both thought that the brightly coloured bowls that rested on the suction cup, we wonderful. The suction cup really helped H to keep the bowl in place, as usually, the bowl ends up escaping from her.

Mixing in the bowl on the suction cup.
Mixing in the bowl on the suction cup.

We thought that the egg cracker sounded like a good idea. It is sometimes tricky for H to break eggs and to not get the shell in there. The idea for the egg cracker is that it breaks the egg easily, separating the shell from the liquid inside as the liquid falls into the tray below and the shell stays in the holder at the top. Unfortunately, we did not have any success with this egg cracker. H tried it out to make some scrambled eggs but the force of her pushing down on the button meant that it slipped off the side and ended up on the floor. I tried more successfully with a second egg but then couldn’t separate the tray from the main part of the egg cracker so it ended up on the floor too! It wasn’t our lucky day with that one. I think that once the bottom tray has been taken off and put back on again a few times, it will loosen off a bit and be easier to remove. I think that it didn’t come off very easily because it was so new. I’d recommend that it is held very tightly while your little one pushes the button at the top if you were to try this yourself.

The egg cracker.

Ooops...egg on the floor.

H had fun making the icing to decorate the mini cupcakes. The instruction booklet showed us how to use two colours for making swirly buttercream on top of the cakes. We used green and purple icing, mixing it in the two separate bowls. We then placed it in two piping bags, inside another piping bag and secured the nozzle.

Mixing green and purple buttercream.

The two colours of buttercream in the piping bags.

H really enjoyed squeezing the icing onto the cupcakes. She used the chocolates that she had made using the Divine chocolate in the chocolate moulds to decorate these too.

Icing the cakes.

The almost finished cakes.

Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off? Does it inspire you to do your own baking?


Disclosure: We received a Real Baking Range Great Baking Set for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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