Reasons Why Family Is Important

Here are 3 reasons why family is important to us and how we try to include family time as much as we can. Throughout my life, I have always been close to my family.  Christmas would always involve having a big family meal with my grandparents, Great Granny, aunties, uncles, cousins, everyone!  Some years we hadn’t seen each other for the whole year but we still met up for Christmas dinner.

Reasons Why Family is Important: Making the Most of the Time we Have Together

Christmas nowadays is different.  Since becoming a single parent, a lot has changed within our family unit.  A lot has changed with our extended family too.  Some of our family members have passed and for others, they have got married and had children so their families have grown.  The dynamic is different.  We see each other at different times, in smaller groups rather than one large meet up now.

Christmas is still lovely but it is totally different to how it was several years ago.  I think making the most of the time we have with family is very important.  So many great memories are made during these times.  I still have great memories of putting an assortment of party hats on a sleeping Grandad and having a giggle.  He always had a nap after lunch! Things aren’t the same forever so it is best to enjoy these family gatherings as much as we can at the time.

Reasons Why Family is Important: A Support Network

My family is my support.  I support my children and my parents support me and my children.  My brother, Sister-in-Law and Gran support us too, as we do them.  Our whole family is always there for each other through everything. I spend most of my time with my children.  They are amazing but sometimes do push me a bit too far.  A quick chat to my Mum and Dad on the phone usually helps me to adjust my perspective and to feel happier again.

Reasons Why Family is Important: Child Development

A stable, not necessarily traditional, family support unit can help children to develop well.  Children need to feel safe, loved and be cared for. Nowadays, there are many different types of families.  Whether your family is a single parent family, a foster family, a traditional family or any other type of family, children need to have this network around them. If children don’t have their basic needs fulfilled, they will find it difficult to develop as quickly as those who do.  Families are an important part of this and are the primary people that will fulfil the needs of their children.

Choosing a Law Firm to Help with Family Matters

Of course, not all family matters are straight forward.  Sometimes, professional help is needed.  Slater & Gordon Solicitors have produced this brilliant infographic for you to read.

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