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Due to having several food intolerances, including dairy (or more specifically, the a1 protein found in domesticated cows’ milk), eggs, chilli peppers and bell peppers, I have struggled for years to find recipes that are suitable for my needs.

Even though I am only intolerant to the a1 protein in cows’ milk, I still have to avoid the added milk in all sorts of different ready-made products.  This has meant that over the years, I have had to change my diet and find new ways of making my favourite foods without using cows’ milk.  I have tried many different kinds of milk, including soya, almond, oat, rice, coconut, lactose-free, all sorts!  I am pleased that I have experienced trying these different milks as I can now use them in different foods/recipes, rather than just sticking to one kind of milk.  At the moment, I really like a2 Milk as it suits my needs.  However, my daughter is lactose-intolerant so she is unable to have this milk so using this wide range of different milks benefits her too.

The recipes below are all dairy and egg free, as well as being chilli, bell pepper and paprika free, unless otherwise stated.  Some contain a2 milk but this is made clear in the title.  I really hope that the recipes on my blog are useful to those with and those without food intolerances.

Main Courses

Easy Dairy Free and Egg Free Lasagne

Special Dairy Free Fish Pie

Dairy Free and Egg Free Spaghetti Carbonara

Mango and Carrot Chicken

a2 Mozzarella




Dairy Free Millionaire’s Shortbread Banoffee Traybake

Dairy Free Condensed Milk

Raspberry and Beetroot Cake

Dairy Free and Egg Free Cherry Chocolate Cake

Sticky Banana Semolina Cake

Dairy Free and Egg Free Biscuit Recipes








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