School Bake Sale Cakes for Children in Need 2016

This evening, we have been baking cupcakes for the school bake sale for Children in Need 2016.  Each child was given a paper plate to fill with cakes ready for the sale to raise money tomorrow.

School Bake Sale Cakes for Children in Need 2016

We really enjoy baking cakes.  These dairy free and egg free red velvet cakes are our favourites.  You can read more about our cake baking here.

We made the red velvet cup cakes and let them cool.

We waited for the cakes to cool then covered them with buttercream icing.  I decided to use plain buttercream rather than putting food colouring in it.  I thought that it would help the sprinkles to stand out more for these cakes.  As Children in Need usually means lots of spots, we decided hundreds and thousands would be a great choice.  We also added some lovely colourful dried flowers, although these do look a little bit like feathers.

School Bake Sale Cakes for Children in Need 2016

The other cakes have silver balls on and dried raspberries.  I didn’t realise until the other day, that my children had never tried cakes with silver balls on before.  They thought they were really interesting and liked them.  I remember having these on cakes at all my birthday parties when I was a child.  Such great memories.  H did try to help herself to them yesterday morning though.  It ended in disaster!  After spilling half the carton, we all spent ages trying to pick up the little balls from the floor and the table.  That was not an easy task!

Have you baked cakes for a school bake sale for Children in Need 2016?  If not, what is your child’s school doing to raise money for tomorrow’s big event?

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