#SchoolRunColours 21st January 2015

For our #SchoolRunColours post this week, we have been walking one of our many different ways to and from school.  I like to change which way we walk regularly so that we don’t get bored of the same old sights.  Yesterday, we walked nearer to the church after popping into town to buy some fruit.

#SchoolRunColours January 21st 2015
#SchoolRunColours Walking a different way home from school.

As you can see, S was very happy about having his photo taken but H changed her mind just as I pressed the button.  I think it had been a long, tiring day at Nursery for her.  She snuggled up in her blanket just after this and fell asleep.

We live in such a pretty town.  It has lots of history all around, which we all find fascinating.  There is often something here that catches our eye that we haven’t seen previously.  Last week, we even found a small cannon that was being sold outside a vintage shop.  We have green spaces and parks to visit on the way home from school, as well as shops close to us.  I used to live in the countryside, where the shops were not within walking distance.  In fact, they were a bit of a drive away. Although living in the country has its many perks, I feel very lucky that I live in a town where I can just pop down the road to get what we need now.

Do you walk your children to school?  What sights do you see along the way?

School Run Colours

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  1. I too like to vary our route on the school run. It just makes things that little bit more interesting. That street does look interesting. Thanks for linking up with #SchoolRunColours

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