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The summer is upon us and it is the time of year that many families start going on more camping trips.  There are many things to consider when going camping.

Here are our top five camping essentials:

  1. A good quality tent-maybe one of these might suit your needs, as suggested by The Independent.
  2. Good quality sleeping bags-everyone needs a good sleeping bag as it can get chilly overnight.
  3. Suitable clothing– this is an absolute must. Scruffs have some great clothes suitable for camping.  Such as the ones below.
  4. Torches– my children are not keen on the dark so they would both need a torch each, just in case they felt scared.
  5. A portable toilet-because we know that at least one child will absolutely NEED the toilet in the middle of the night.  And we know that the toilets will be a long way from the tent.

Taking the right clothes is very important

My Dad received some of the clothes from Scruffs and he found the quality of these to be very good.  He chose the hoodie and waterproofs as his most useful items to take on a camping trip.  He also thought that they would be great for family days out.  With the unpredictable weather, we sometimes leave the house on a sunny day for it to rain an hour later.  For this reason, the water proofs are great to take out and about any time of the year.

What are your summer camping essentials?


Disclosure:  We were sent some clothes from Scruffs for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own..

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