Siblings March 2015

This March has seen some ups and downs but the bond between S and H is just as strong as ever.  I love how well my children get on with each other.  I think that having a four and a half year gap between them has worked well for our family.

I haven’t taken many photographs this month and unfortunately, our Project 365 has come to a halt for now.  I am hoping to resume this soon, even though we won’t have a complete year of photos at the end of it.

We have had a poorly H this month.  She started with a cold in February, which seemed to clear up nicely.  By 7th March, she started to feel poorly again and by 11th March, we were rushing to hospital with her as she was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She is recovering now but we had a scary week waiting to see if her antibiotics would work.

S was fantastic with H and has helped to look after her brilliantly.  We have been very lucky to have Grandma to help around the house as well as to take S to school.  We have had a good friend take care of S when I was unable to get him from school due to being with H in hospital.  Granddad has also taken care of S while Grandma and I were in hospital with H.  H’s Dad also came to see her on her second day in hospital as it was his day off work.  We are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives that were able to help us and we would like to thank them all.

Due to all of this happening, it has meant that S and H have spent the most time they’ve ever spent away from each other.  As a result, this is the only photograph I have taken of them together so far this month.  They loved having their faces painted and managed to collect about six red noses between them.  Floppy thought they were balls though so S kept having to rescue H’s red noses from Floppy.

Red Nose Day March 2015
Red Nose Day March 2015

This month may not have been the greatest so far but with H starting to feel much better, I am sure that our March will only improve from now on.  I am looking forward to taking some more photos of my lovely children and to going outside with H tomorrow for the first time in over a week.

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  • That’s a lovely photo of S and H. So sorry to hear you’ve had such an anxious time this month with H in hospital with pneumonia and so glad that she is now on the mend. Hope you enjoy being able to get outside again.

  • mummyoftwo

    Sorry you have had a rubbish month and I am glad to hear H is on the mend xxx I know I’m not that close by but if you need anything, even just a chat you know where I am xx

  • Cariemay

    Oh that is some fabulous face painting! They really have been through the wars this month haven’t they – I hope life is a little calmer from now on!

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