Spin Master Chubby Puppies Review

Spin Master Chubby Puppies Review by DillydropsH was very excited to receive a Spin Master Chubby Puppies Tuxedo Cat. This is a fashion set that comes with a carrier that is very useful for keeping all of the fashion items in one place.  The cat toy is very cute, with large eyes and little legs that move.

Spin Master Chubby Puppies Review: Tuxedo Cat
Spin Master Chubby Puppies Tuxedo Cat

Dressing up

For this Chubby Puppies review, H had the pleasure of choosing the right outfit for her short haired Tuxedo Cat, which she named Pepsi.  H loves dressing up using her fancy dress clothes.  She regularly is a doctor, elf or a character from Frozen so dressing up her Tuxedo Cat toy really appealed to her.  This Chubby Puppies toy is just the right size for H’s little hands to be able to manipulate and clip on the different accessories.  This set contains butterfly and bee wings to dress the cat in and even contained antennas.  H really liked the butterfly that fits into the mouth of the Tuxedo Cat.  At first we did think this was a key so she made up a story about how the cat would need the key to get into the castle so that she didn’t have to get too tired flying through the window.

H was very pleased to be reviewing a Chubby Puppies toy.
H was very pleased to be reviewing a Chubby Puppies toy.

Carry Case

This fashion set comes with a lovely blue carry case with pink handles and bow on the side.  It is just the right size for storing all of Tuxedo Cat’s accessories.  We thought that this was a great idea as H often looses parts of sets if there is not somewhere that she can keep them all together.


This, as with the other Chubby Puppies and Friends in the collection, have battery powered legs that propel the toy well.  These make the toy stumble and move around, which H found really amusing. This set requires one AAA battery, which is included already inside the Chubby Puppy toy.  We were pleasantly surprised by this as I usually have the wrong type of battery in the house when we get new toys.  I’ve no idea how I manage it each time.

Playing with Tuxedo Cat
Playing with Tuxedo Cat.

H’s Chubby Puppies Review Verdict

H absolutely loved this set.  It is a toy that is intended for children aged four years and older, which was just right for H.  Animals as well as animal toys, appeal to H.  Here is what she thought of it in her own words:

I really loved Chubby Puppies so much that I got really excited.  I had a good choice of how it looked.   I liked how Pepsi cat moved, it was very fun!  I liked playing with it.  It is now my robot pet that likes having a fashion show.  I made her too tired today though because we played too much.  I think she will have to have a long nap now.

H talking about her Tuxedo Cat toy

We would certainly recommend this toy to young girls and boys who like animals.

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Disclosure:  One Tuxedo Cat Chubby Puppies fashion set was given to us for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and our own.

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