Spring cleaning

This week, we spent some time tidying the garden to make the most of the sunshine. I sorted out the sticks and various flower pots that our young dog had chewed and scattered all over the lawn while my daughter put all of her ride on toys near to the hose pipe, ready for washing. I used to have a lovely garden, with strawberries, blackberries and raspberries all around the edge of the lawn. Now it is has several holes that have been dug in it, with mud scattered all over the place as well as blackberry and raspberry stalks strewn about the place. I am looking forward to when Floppy is a little older and a little less energetic! She has a great time when she is out there but it would be nice to have it a bit less, erm, messy again one day.

Car washing as part of our spring cleaning
Washing her car

As soon as she saw her toys, she asked if she could wash them.  I brought out a bucket of warm, soapy water for my daughter to use.    I think that she had been inspired by watching my Other Half washing our cars at the weekend.  She loved playing with the bubbles as well as using the sponge to give her car, tractor and tricycle a good clean.  As she refused to wear a coat, I limited the amount of time she was out there but we did manage to wash all three vehicles and hose them down.  This was another thing that she loved.  Hose pipes are fun!  Only a quick squirt was needed to get rid of the bubbles but the giggles it provoked had me chuckling too.

More car washing...
She really enjoyed playing with the water

It is amazing that something so simple can provide great entertainment to small children.  It makes me look at the world in a fresh light again, after all water is quite amazing stuff and it is great to play with.

Have you started any spring cleaning yet?  What fun experiences has your little one had with water lately?  It would be great to hear from you!

  • Love that your daughter was modelling the behaviour she saw!

    • dillydrops

      I do too. Copying is a great way to learn :-).

  • Yes mine have been outside with water this afternoon after school. My 5 year old wanted to water the plants, of course they ended up watering the grass and everywhere too!! Lots of fun for them though, they always love to play with water 🙂

    • dillydrops

      It sounds like you’ve all been having a great time too!

  • We’ve been out in our garden this week assessing what needs doing to get it ready for summer!

    • dillydrops

      It’ll not be long until summer now. It’s great to get organised, isn’t it? 🙂

  • We are hoping to get on our garden this weekend, we are laying some liner in a border which has bark chippings but the weeds are still coming through.

    • dillydrops

      I hope you managed to get into your garden this weekend. Weeds are a pain, I hope the liner works well.

  • Oh I hope we have some better outdoor weather. I have started spring cleaning the house. The curtains are coming down this weekend

    • dillydrops

      I think I need to do our curtains too, they haven’t been done for a while. Fingers crossed for better weather this week!

  • Sounds like you had loads of fun in the garden – so lovely to spend some time outside now that the weather is improving #BinkyLinky

    • dillydrops

      It certainly is. We had a great time! I hope you were able to make the most of the sunshine too!

  • Looks like she had a great time! We have been out in the garden too this week – not cleaning though, just playing!

    • dillydrops

      She had a lot of fun! Playing is much better than cleaning any day 🙂

  • mamaknowsbest2

    Oh I dream of a cleaner, that would make my life so much easier. Looks like you’ve managed to find a little one 🙂 #BinkyLinky

    • dillydrops

      I’m training her up from an early age! 🙂

  • simple games are the best, she looked like she had a great time! x

    • dillydrops

      She had a lot of fun!

  • All kids love a bucket of soapy water to play with don’t they!

    • dillydrops

      They certainly do! They are very easily pleased. Who needs expensive toys? 🙂

  • Muslim Mummy

    We are hoping to get started on the garden this weekend as ours is a mess at the moment.
    Kids just love water….my two could play with it all day!

    • dillydrops

      I hope you managed to get into your garden. It was lovely and sunny with us, hope it was with you too.

  • Love that your daughter wanted to do done cleaning 🙂 it looks like great fun!

    • dillydrops

      We’re getting her started on the cleaning while she’s young! 🙂

  • Arrr a bucket of soapy water works wonders! Its been great to be able to get out! Its supposed to be lovely next week too *fingers crossed in hope* x

    • dillydrops

      The sunshine always helps to motivate us to go out in the garden. I really hope this week turns out to be lovely, our weekend was nice and sunny. Hope yours was too!

  • Spring cleaning is good x

    • dillydrops

      It’s great!

  • Spring cleaning is great tidies the mind x

    • dillydrops

      It certainly does 🙂

  • I cleaned my house today from top to bottom. 🙂 Now feeling very smug

    • dillydrops

      It makes me feel great when I do that too (done few and far between for me though! lol!). You should feel smug!

  • I know I *should* start spring cleaning…….maybe next weekend 😉

    It’s amazing how much kids actually love to clean!!

    I recently posted: House Renovation – Part One: The Introduction

    • dillydrops

      It is, I will encourage her whenever possible! I think you have enough jobs on with your house renovation; the spring cleaning can wait :-).

  • We did this yesterday although the trampoline needs a bit more of a scrub. The kids couldn’t wait to get on it

    • dillydrops

      It made us feel much better. Trampolines are great, no wonder they wanted to get straight on it!

  • We are getting out the hosepipe and jetwash tomorrow to clean the yard and toys!! I expect muddy messy toddlers!

    • dillydrops

      I hope you got your yard and toys cleaned. Muddy, messy toddlers, sounds like fun, that is until they come in the house and muddy up the cream coloured carpet (this happened to us this weekend!) 🙂

  • dillydrops

    I hope you have as much fun as we did!

  • dillydrops

    She loved every second of it!

  • dillydrops

    It certainly is. It made us feel much better, I hope you did too 🙂

  • My youngest and I recently did all the window screens. Most houses have them in Canada to keep the mozzies out but you do have to clear up the corpses every now and then *urgh*.
    I did the washing, she did the hoovering 🙂

    • dillydrops

      I didn’t know that you got mosquitos in Canada, I’ve learnt something new today! I suppose they would be a pain to clear up though. I’m glad you got some jobs done 🙂

  • Mine love playing with water too…one of their favourite things is a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and they are happy for ages cleaning their toys and even the patio door windows!! I love this sunshine which allows us to get out and enjoy it!

    • dillydrops

      Ooh, I should get my daughter started on the back door soon then as the dog always muddies it up! Enjoy the sun!

  • I spent a wonderful weekend spring cleaning the garden! I got rid of brown, dried leaves and was delighted to find loads of new flowers coming up that the leaves had been hiding 🙂

    • dillydrops

      I think it feels great to get the garden sorted out! It’s brilliant to hear about your flowers hiding amongst the leaves, what a great find!

  • A longer glimpse of sunshine last Sunday made me hyper active… I started my spring cleaning from my garden… no weeds and grass is already cut 🙂

    • dillydrops

      Brilliant to hear! Although I refuse to cut my grass yet (little steps for us! he he!) I bet your garden looks great!

  • I’ve cleaned that unintentional storage place, Under The Bed. Does that count? Our garden is very minimalist – not a plant in sight so there is very little to do there ;0)

    • dillydrops

      If it’s anything like under our bed, then it definitely counts! lol! Your garden sounds amazing-I am considering getting rid of our plants as the dog has eaten most of them anyway!

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