St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

We were given a Goodwill Basket from Dobies for the purposes of this review.  After spending a while online looking for the right gift basket for my Gran, I was pleased when this St Kew Goodwill Basket arrived.

St Kew Goodwill Basket

St Kew Goodwill Basket: A Great Gift

Each year, Gran buys me a meat pack from the butcher. I get her some special biscuits alongside another special gift.  She really does enjoy her puddings and biscuits but rarely has them any more.  This means that when she does have a few, they are a real treat for her.

What Does the St Kew Goodwill Basket Contain?

This basket contains many tasty treats, including: 200g of honey oatie flips, 200g of Cornish clotted cream shortbread, 200g of luxury choc chip biscuits,  200g of luxury malt whisky fudge 5 Cornish Tea Trading Co. teabags plus 227g of strawberry and champagne conserve.

These foods are presented in a wonderful re-usable basket.  I think the size of the basket is just right for my Gran.  It would be perfect for her to collect fallen apples from her garden in autumn.  I can also imagine her collecting the other fruits and vegetables from her garden in it too.

I think that this basket is presented well, with a plastic, clear wrapper to keep all of the foods inside the basket.  The red ribbon with golden stars on adds that Christmas touch to it.

What the St Kew Goodwill Basket contains.


I think that this goodwill basket would make a great gift for Christmas.  The flavours of biscuits, fudge and jam are all very appealing.  They are the kinds of products that I would have looked to buy individually but having them all in one basket was even better.

I can just imagine Gran sitting with a cup of tea and having some jam on toast for her breakfast.  She used to always have a biscuit for her supper.  I can imagine she will start doing this again.  As there are a good amount of biscuits in the basket for one person, I can imagine these will last her a while.  There are a  good few suppers in there for her to enjoy.  I can’t imagine she’ll be very willing to share though!

Do you give family and friends hampers for Christmas?


Disclosure:  We were given a St Kew Goodwill Gift Basket for the purposes of this review.  All opinions are honest and my own.



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