The Starry Night Masterpiece with Galt

We were very lucky to be given an Galt Art Jar to enable us to join in with the Galt Toys, ‘The Starry Night,’ by Vincent Van Gogh Mini Masterpieces competition.  My seven year old son followed these steps to create his very own, ‘The Starry Night,’ Masterpiece.

Step 1: We went to the Galt Mini Masterpieces website to download ‘The Starry Night’ template.

The Starry Night template from Galt
The Starry Night template from Galt

Step 2: As Vincent Van Gogh loved to use different tones of colour, my son used the small paintbrush to lightly flick and swirl the night sky using two shades of blue paint.

Using a small brush to flick paint
He used two shades of blue paint with a small brush.

Step 3: After completing the sky, my son used a chunky yellow pen to colour the hills and the shining stars.  He spent some time colouring the tree in the foreground, ready for the black paint to partly cover it later so that the yellow shines through.  He also added small amounts of red paint to the moon and some of the stars to highlight them.

Yellow stars and hills
Using the yellow chunky pen to colour the rolling hills and the stars


Red flecks moon and stars
Adding red flecks to the moon and some of the stars to make them stand out.

Step 4: Next, my son painted the houses in using dark blue paint.  He also used a green chunky pen around the houses.  Then he painted the tree black but let some yellow shine through.

Painting the houses dark blue
Painting the houses dark blue
Using the green pen
Using the green pen
Adding black
Adding black paint to the tree but letting bits of yellow shine through

Step 5: We chose several pieces from the Galt Art Jar to stick onto the picture that my son had created. My son then added his own personal touch to his painting!  He chose a good variety of items.

Galt Art Jar
Galt Art Jar
He had all of this to choose from!
He had all of this to choose from!
Choosing from the Art Jar
These are the craft items my son chose from the Galt Art Jar.
Making it 3D
He used the Galt Art Jar to make his picture more 3D


3D effect
He got a 3D effect using the craft materials from the art jar.
Adding Galt craft items
He chose and added craft items from the Galt Art Jar


The finished masterpiece
The finished masterpiece

He enjoyed adding the yellow and green shredded paper to the hills to give it more texture.  He also ripped up small pieces of yellow paper for the lights in the church and in the houses.  He particularly enjoyed gluing the pompoms and different stars to the blue sky.  The red and blue glitter glue added an extra sparkle to his masterpiece.

Here is my son’s Mini Masterpiece (he is seven years old):

Finished Mini Masterpiece
Finished Mini Masterpiece

Here is my daughter’s Mini Masterpiece (she is two and a half years old):

My daughter's Mini Masterpiece
My daughter’s Mini Masterpiece

If your son or daughter would like to enter the competition just visit the website to download your template.  Galt are doing a total of six different masterpieces over the next few months so you should check out their website if you are interested in taking part.  Good luck with your entry!


Disclosure: We were sent a Galt Art Jar to help us to create our Mini Masterpiece for Galt’s competition.

  • That looks great, he’s obviously very artistic! What a great jar of goodies too!

  • That looks great. Looks like he has a talent x

  • These are both fabulous masterpieces! Love all the pictures, and the galt art jar sounds great.

  • What a brilliant picture and so much fun for little ones – love the end result!

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  • What a wonderful masterpiece!

  • Oh my boys would love to do this.

  • cassfrugalfamily

    That art jar could keep my two quiet for hours x x

  • So creative, I love this!

  • Muslim Mummy

    Oh he’s done very well with that art! My eldest would love this

  • What wonderful masterpieces – a beautiful use of colour and texture :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  • What a lovely way to get children involved in interacting with the work of an artist. I love the look of all those goodies in the craft jar :-)

  • Looks great , a very intricate pic design but your son has coloured it in beautifully.

  • That does look like a stunning masterpiece. Very creative!

  • What a wonderful master piece 🙂 it looks like a fun time was had creating it as well 🙂 x

  • That art jar looks like just what I need. I have never done art with Aaron and I feel terrible about it xx

  • That looks really fantastic and original!

  • That looks like a great activity, and both pictures are great.

  • I love how creative he’s made the picture. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  • I love how much concentration must have gone into this – great idea

  • This looks fab! He’s really made the pictures look great x

  • What a great idea. 2 of the same templates but totally different final effect 🙂

  • Wow, these look absolutely great, I love this idea x #BinkyLinky

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  • what fun! great job too, looks great x

  • What a great jar of goodies, looks a lot of fun x

  • what a great project

  • That’s such a beautiful artistic thing to do. I love the colours. Liska @NewMumOnline xxx

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    So I am trying again now..

    What beautiful artwork I really love the colours.

    Liska @NewMumOnline

    • dillydrops

      Thanks for letting me know. Your comment went through. And thank you for your lovely comment. I am very proud of their efforts 🙂 x

      • I am so very glad that they went through and thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. I really appreciate it xx

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