Staycation Ideas with JORD Watches


We have been thinking about staycation ideas with JORD watches. Usually, we would spend a while planning to see somewhere that is far away from where we live. This year though, we have spent some time closer to home. We needed to keep an eye on the time so my Dad took his unique watch from JORD along with us.

JORD wood watch

Do all Holidays Need to be Far Away?

My children find long journeys difficult. They are so excited and eager to get to our destination, that the trip seems to last forever for them. We have also had issues with travel sickness in the past. Far away holidays are great but we have decided that this year, we don’t need to go far at all.

Staycation Ideas with JORD Watches

We have decided to have a staycation for our family holiday this year. It is important for children to know their local environment as well as being aware of places further afield.

Enjoying a picnic in the local park
Enjoying a picnic in the local park with Dad’s cool watch. This can also be an engraved gift.

After choosing a place that was around half an hour drive from our home, we started to look at the local area to discover places that we might not have known about before. It is amazing how many local attractions and beauty spots you overlook when you live right next door to them. It is an amazing way to learn about your local area. We also saved money on travel.

Sawyer - Ebony and Ultramarine JORD wood watch
This men’s watch is fab! Sawyer – Ebony and Ultramarine JORD wood watch.

Places to Look Out for on Your Staycation

The fab places that we discovered on our Staycation were the Old Station, the local market, a quiet part of the beach that was away from a lot of the tourists as well as beautiful picnic areas for us to relax in. We even went on an old railway walk. There was so much beautiful wildlife to see.

The Old Station

There were so many places that were great to visit, yet with that little bit of local knowledge, were sometimes away from the busiest areas so that we could enjoy them more.

Have you been on a Staycation before?

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Luxury Wooden Watch

Disclosure: We received a JORD wood watch in exchange for writing this post.

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