Strawberry Picking

#MySundayPhoto First batch of strawberries this year. Strawberry picking.
First batch of strawberries this year.

We seem to have been waiting ages to do some strawberry picking from our garden this year.  Each summer, there are more and more strawberries on the plants that we set over six years ago now.  These plants have spread out to cover most of the boarder area now and look  like they will grow further for next summer.  We have had lots of flowers, followed by lots of white small strawberries.  All of a sudden, we have had many red strawberries appear at the same time.

Making Memories: Strawberry Picking

My children always enjoy strawberry picking, just as I did when I was a child.  They love that they are able to go out into the garden to pick strawberries whenever they like during July and August.  We made some jam with the strawberries last year but this year, they seem to keep disappearing meaning we haven’t got enough for jam.  It is great that they are choosing the healthier option but I hope we can make a little bit of jam at some point.  We particularly enjoyed this delicious fruit in this recipe.

I like that these plants are so easy to maintain.  I must admit that I am not the world’s best at keeping plants alive and thriving.  I have improved over the years though.  As long as I do some weeding and water them now and again when it is really hot, they seem to be doing well.

Do you grow your own fruit?  Which fruit plants do you find the easiest to maintain?



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