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7 Incredible Autumn Blog Posts to Inspire You

Here are our 7 incredible autumn blog posts that will convince you that this time of year is great for families.

People always seem to have a preference as to which season is their favourite.  Generally, our friends and family favour the summer sun to drizzly autumn.  I actually like all the seasons almost equally and enjoy them all as they come around each year.

Spring is wonderful.  We really enjoy the ever-increasing lighter evenings.  The motivation to get the house and the garden tidied is more prevalent here too.  Summer is fab because we get to soak in that lovely sunshine as well as to enjoy those longer days.  Winter has the promise of Christmas.  It is a time of meeting up with family and friends.  Although, I am not so keen on the ice.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year though.  We start a new school year and get back into a routine after the summer holidays.  I absolutely love enjoying that first homemade hot chocolate of the season.  The weather is cooler but warm enough still to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.   Usually in wellies to splash in the puddles.  We get to see the leaves falling from the trees and walk through them, kicking them as we go.  The nights draw in, meaning we get to snuggle up in the warmth of the living room and watch good TV shows and films.  Autumn is a great time of year. Continue reading 7 Incredible Autumn Blog Posts to Inspire You

I love my red shoes

Pete the Cat Colour Activities

Not so long ago, we were sent ‘Pete the Cat: I love my white shoes,’ from Harper Collins.  We were not sent this to review but as a thank you for reviewing ‘How to Catch a Star,’ by Oliver Jeffers.  When it arrived, we were all very excited as we were not expecting it at all!  Both my children fell in love with the story straight away.  It has a lovely song throughout, that we find ourselves singing even when not reading the story.  The story has been great for helping my daughter to recognise some of her colours.  We all really enjoyed reading about the cool cat, who keeps, “…walking along and singing his song”, no matter what gets in his way. It inspired me to think of some activities to do with my daughter to further her colour recognition.  I drew some shoes and cut them out ready for my daughter to design her own coloured shoes.

Pete the Cat Shoe Colour Recognition Activities

Coffee and tea to paint brown shoes
We used cooled coffee and tea to paint the shoes brown.

Continue reading Pete the Cat Colour Activities

Reading is exciting!

When the Dragons Came…

Reading, "When the Dragons Came."
Reading, “When the Dragons Came.”

With all the excitement of World Book Day, we planned to do lots of activities with books.  My daughter absolutely loves reading, “When the Dragons Came,” by Naomi Kefford and Lynne Moore, at the moment so it seemed an ideal one to look at.  We shared the story, discussing the pictures as we went. Continue reading When the Dragons Came…