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St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

We were given a Goodwill Basket from Dobies for the purposes of this review.  After spending a while online looking for the right gift basket for my Gran, I was pleased when this St Kew Goodwill Basket arrived.

St Kew Goodwill Basket

St Kew Goodwill Basket: A Great Gift

Each year, Gran buys me a meat pack from the butcher. I get her some special biscuits alongside another special gift.  She really does enjoy her puddings and biscuits but rarely has them any more.  This means that when she does have a few, they are a real treat for her. Continue reading St Kew Goodwill Basket Review

Dairy Free and Egg Free Biscuit Recipes #BloggersBakeAlong


4 Dairy free and egg free biscuit recipes #BloggersBakeAlong. Egg free biscuit recipe. Dairy free egg recipe. Recipe ideas for four different biscuits based on the same recipe. We have a lemon biscuit recipe, raisin biscuit recipe, a vanilla biscuit recipe and a cinammon biscuit recipe. We have been watching The Great British Bake Off for recipe inspiration. These biscuits are great snacks for children and adults alike. They would also work well as food for birthday parties. We have been in the kitchen again, making dairy free and egg free biscuit recipes for the #BloggersBakeAlong with the Great British Bake Off.  For this week’s challenge, we opted for the biscuit box with different flavoured biscuits inside.  Actually, we didn’t make the box.  We did make a variety of biscuits though that were based on the same recipe.  This recipe is inspired by a World War Two recipe and I have added the different flavours for the different biscuits. Continue reading Dairy Free and Egg Free Biscuit Recipes #BloggersBakeAlong