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What to do if Your Blog is Hacked


It is difficult to know what to do if your blog is hacked. A while ago, my blog was hacked and I don’t mind revealing that I was in a bit of a panic when I realised what had happened. Here is what I did to get my website up and running again.

This page cannot be displayed. What to do if Your Blog is Hacked.

How to Know if Your Website has been Hacked

It is important to be able to identify if your website has been hacked. Nowadays, hackers are very sneaky and it is sometimes difficult to tell, at least to start with anyway.

I stated noticing things were a bit strange with my website. There was something happening on it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Nothing worked first time, including my content calendar loading and having to click on everything a couple of times before it would work. At first, I assumed it was my broadband connection so I Continue reading What to do if Your Blog is Hacked

Blogging Goals for 2017. You can download your free goal setting worksheet for 2017. Picture from Pixabay.

Blogging Goals for 2017 with Free Goal Setting Worksheet

I have been thinking a lot about my blogging goals for 2017 for Dillydrops blog. It has been difficult to narrow down my top goals as I seem to have so many in my mind.

Blogging Successes in 2016

Dillydrops has been very successful in 2016. I am very proud that I reached my aim of ten thousand followers on Instagram. Originally, I had aimed to improve my photography skills but as I understood more about how to take better pictures, the more interested I was in Instagram. I am hoping to grow my Instagram more in the coming year.

I have enjoyed learning more about blogging and have learnt how to make a child theme. This means that each time WordPress updates, I do not have to change the code Continue reading Blogging Goals for 2017 with Free Goal Setting Worksheet

7 Incredible Autumn Blog Posts to Inspire You

Here are our 7 incredible autumn blog posts that will convince you that this time of year is great for families.

People always seem to have a preference as to which season is their favourite.  Generally, our friends and family favour the summer sun to drizzly autumn.  I actually like all the seasons almost equally and enjoy them all as they come around each year.

Spring is wonderful.  We really enjoy the ever-increasing lighter evenings.  The motivation to get the house and the garden tidied is more prevalent here too.  Summer is fab because we get to soak in that lovely sunshine as well as to enjoy those longer days.  Winter has the promise of Christmas.  It is a time of meeting up with family and friends.  Although, I am not so keen on the ice.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year though.  We start a new school year and get back into a routine after the summer holidays.  I absolutely love enjoying that first homemade hot chocolate of the season.  The weather is cooler but warm enough still to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.   Usually in wellies to splash in the puddles.  We get to see the leaves falling from the trees and walk through them, kicking them as we go.  The nights draw in, meaning we get to snuggle up in the warmth of the living room and watch good TV shows and films.  Autumn is a great time of year. Continue reading 7 Incredible Autumn Blog Posts to Inspire You