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How to Find a Good Mechanic

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If you love your car like most people love their cars, then you’ve probably spent some time shopping around for the right mechanic for you and your car. Just like finding the right doctor or job, it can take time to find the mechanic that understands what you want to get out of your car and its performance. It’s important to note that while a good deal of people simply take their cars to the dealership where they were purchased, a great deal many more people go out looking for the right person for the job. Whichever route you choose to go down for the care and maintenance of your car, ensuring you are working with a good mechanic should be a priority in the life and longevity of your vehicle. Here’s how you can go about finding a good mechanic for your maintenance and repair. Continue reading How to Find a Good Mechanic

What to Consider When Buying a New Car


Due to the vast choice, it can be overwhelming when buying a new car. There are so many things to consider when buying a new car. It is difficult to know which vehicles are the safest nowadays. Here are our top three things to consider when buying a new car.


It is very important to choose a car that can keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible but when you are faced with car showrooms full of different cars, how do you know which is the safest for your needs?

When buying a car, I like to know how safe it is likely to be for the driver, passengers and pedestrians. I would feel much safer knowing that a car I owned and used regularly would keep me and my family, as well as others outside the car, in the event of an accident. I have found The Safest Cars 2016-2017 interactive graphic really useful Continue reading What to Consider When Buying a New Car

Taking Care of your Car Tyres


As a car owner, I am very conscious of the fact that I need to regularly check my car tyres and keep my car in good condition.   I must admit, I do not know as much about how to look after my car as I think I should do.  I do keep my car in the best way it can be, nevertheless.  Here is how I make sure my car is in tip top condition.

Continue reading Taking Care of your Car Tyres

Buying a car when you have bad credit – Moneybarn


Thinking about buying a car when you have bad credit is a problem that many people have faced over the past few years.  Some friends of mine had a challenging time recently, where they had hoped to buy a new home and car but were not able to due to having a bad credit rating.

How to buy a car on bad credit with moneybarn.com

Bad luck can mean a poor credit rating

Last year, my friend found out that she was expecting her second child.  After such wonderful news, a couple of months later, her husband’s hours were cut at work due to redundancies being made within the company that he worked for.  He felt very lucky that he was not made redundant but at the same time, he was not able to bring home as much money has he had done previously.  At the same time, they had been looking for a larger house for his growing family.  Their car was aging and costing more and more each month to repair so they had hoped to buy a new one too. Continue reading Buying a car when you have bad credit – Moneybarn