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3 Reasons Why Family is Important

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Here are 3 reasons why family is important to us and how we try to include family time as much as we can.

Throughout my life, I have always been close to my family.  Christmas would always involve having a big family meal with my grandparents, Great Granny, aunties, uncles, cousins, everyone!  Some years we hadn’t seen each other for the whole year but we still met up for Christmas dinner.


Reasons Why Family is Important: Making the Most of the Time we Have Together

Christmas nowadays is different.  Since becoming a single parent, a lot has changed within our family unit.  A lot has changed with our extended family too.  Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Family is Important

Making the Most of the Festive Sales

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Once again, December is creeping round the corner and it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas! If you’re planning out your gifts, dinner and decorations and wondering if your budget can stretch then making the most of the festive sales can really help your money go further. Logbook loan provider Auto Advance have some tips that will allow you to take the stress out of buying presents.

Beating the Black Friday rush

This big shopping day has really grown in popularity in the UK in the past few years. Made famous in America, Black Friday marks the busiest shopping day of the year with huge sales and plenty of bargains. Shops, supermarkets and online sites all partake in slashing prices to help shoppers snap up some christmas bargains.

We’ve all seen the mad rush and stampedes associated with this major shopping event on the news but you don’t need to get caught up in the crowds the get yourself some savings. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay also participate in Black Friday with some fantastic deals to be had. Continue reading Making the Most of the Festive Sales

Popular Christmas Blog Posts on Dillydrops

As Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would share some of our popular Christmas themed review posts to help you get prepared for this festive season.  Even though we tried to start our Christmas shopping earlier this year, there still seems a lot that we need to do before the festivities get under way. Looking through our Christmas blog posts archive, I realised that we have reviewed many great products and services that can help us to get ready for this expensive time of the year.

Popular Christmas Blog Posts: Gifts

Continue reading Popular Christmas Blog Posts on Dillydrops