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Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection

Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

As part of the Summer 2016 Cooking with Kids with 3 Princesses and 1 Dude, we have made a Delicious Dinosaur Dinner.  This is a recipe that children can make with very little adult support.  All recipes are dairy free but you can substitute the soya products with dairy ones, if you wish.  Both children really enjoy anything with a dinosaur theme so they were very excited about having a special dinosaur dinner.

Cooking with Kids: Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

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My Sunday Photo – Dinosaurs on the road

There are dinosaurs in the road! Aagghh! #dinosaurs #scalextric #car #roadsafety #play

A photo posted by Bek Dillydrops (@bekb65) on

Our Sunday was going so well then the dinosaurs started stomping on the road.  All round panic ensued as the safety of the dinosaurs and the drivers were compromised. Luckily, after lots of cries of, “There are dinosaurs on the road!” and, “Shoo, dinosaurs, shoo!” the road was cleared and no injuries were sustained.  Phew! Now back to our relaxing Sunday.



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