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Getting the Right Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Business Needs


For businesses all over the UK, it is important to have commercial flooring that is durable, safe as well as professional looking. Fay Flooring provides a wonderful range of commercial flooring for a wide range of businesses in the UK.

Getting the Right Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Business Needs. Photo provided by Fay Flooring.
Getting the Right Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Business Needs.

Getting the Right Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Business Needs

It is important to get the right type of flooring for your specific business needs. Fay Flooring has several flooring options, including durable commercial carpets, carpet tiles, vinyl floor tiles and safety flooring.

When choosing the right flooring for your business, it needs Continue reading Getting the Right Type of Commercial Flooring for Your Business Needs

Which Wood Flooring is Best for Family Life?

Raising a family is a challenge in itself, never mind the thought of ‘familyproofing’ your home. But the time will inevitably come when you’ll need to replace your flooring. Whether you’ve moved in to a new property or are looking to update your current one, choosing a flooring that can handle to wear and tear of family life as much as you do can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of all the pros and cons that come with the different types of wood flooring to hopefully make your floor search a little easier.

Solid Wood

Peaceful view featuring Bronze colour hardwood floor (African Mahogany-Bronze) *Picture supplied by Luxury Flooring and Furnishings.
Peaceful view featuring Bronze colour hardwood floor (African Mahogany-Bronze)
For more information, visit www.miragefloors.com
*Picture supplied by Luxury Flooring and Furnishings.


The flooring that is most commonly sought after is solid wood. Undeniably, solid wood flooring is stunning and can really help in adding value to your home, something to consider when redecorating any part of your house. With its timeless look, solid wood flooring will definitely make your home look beautiful Continue reading Which Wood Flooring is Best for Family Life?

Top Five Ways to Use Left Over Flooring

We have recently had our bathroom re-decorated, with a new suite, new wall tiles but we are still deciding on which flooring to use.  You can see an update of what my bathroom looks like so far in our efforts to redecorate and smarten it up, here.

In the past, I remember my Mum and Dad using quite a bit of vinyl in their home.  It was very useful due to the ease of having muddy paw prints washed off it, as opposed to carpet.  They did, however used to have many off cuts of vinyl and we often were able to use them around the home.  Here are my top five ways of using left over flooring:

Vinyl flooring to protect the playhouse floor is needed.
The playhouse could have some vinyl off cuts to cover the floor. I think this would protect it more.

1.  To cover the floor of the playhouse.

The flooring in the playhouse often gets all sorts of things spilled on it.  I think that with a bit of lino on it, it would make it much easier to clean.  The vinyl could be removed and washed easily.  My children like to help out so I imagine them getting mops/sweeping brushes out and tidying it as part of their playing time.

2.  To cover the floors in a dolls’ house.

My parents made me a dolls’ house when I was little.  I remember that each room had its own flooring. The kitchen and bathroom both had small off cuts of lino in them and the other rooms had rugs or small off cuts of carpet in them.  As I recognised them from our own home, this made my dolls’ house much more special.  I think that this is a great idea for using flooring off cuts.

3.  To protect the surface on the top of the freezer.

The top of my white freezer has been subjected to many things being placed on top of it.  Some of which have made marks.  To protect the top of my white freezer, I think that a small piece of vinyl would be ideal.  This would be easier to clean than scrubbing the freezer as it is now.

4.   To work as a ‘packer’.

When doing some DIY, the lino is quite thin so when hanging internal doors, it could be folded and used as a packer to keep the door in place, if necessary.  I have also known it to be used to pack underneath the rabbit hutch to keep it more level, temporarily.

5.  To put under the dog bowls.

Quite frankly, my dog makes a terrible mess with her food and water.  It goes all over the place when she eats and drinks.  I think putting a piece of vinyl flooring underneath would be easier to clean.


Recently, we have been looking at Factory Direct Flooring for inspiration with regards to our bathroom.  I hope that I can choose the right flooring for us soon.  I think that after I have painted the walls then I will be able to make a final decision.  Fingers crossed!  (Decision making is not my strong point on this).


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Bathroom and Lounge Future Plans


After living in our house for several years and threatening to update the bathroom and lounge (the carpet being in desperate need of being changed) for the whole of that time, we are finally getting round to actually doing it.  I am extremely excited about this prospect but have been spending quite a bit of my time trying to decide which colours, as well as types of carpet/lino to choose.

The cream coloured carpet in the lounge has served us well.  It was already quite stained when we moved in but since having two children and a black haired dog with muddy feet, the poor carpet has suffered considerably.  So when thinking about which coloured carpet we will have in the lounge next, I have definitely decided that very light or cream colours are not suitable for our home.  Unless I can somehow stop the children and dog going in there, of course.

Dirty carpet
A carpet stain from about ten years ago. We had no chance keeping it clean!

For the bathroom, I have a white suite ordered from my local plumber and have opted for some light off-white coloured tiles for the walls.  For about a year, I have been trying, and failing, to remove the tile paint from the existing wall tiles.  I tried using a heat gun with a scraper, some strong lacquer dissolving solution and pure brute force.  I found it very frustrating that I could not remove it all and the thought of reapplying more tile paint as well as removing it again in a couple of years time, filled me with dread.  I have been spending some time deciding whether to replace the lino flooring with tiles or with more lino.  I am a little worried that tiles will be cold to stand on so have opted for the lino/vinyl.

Trying to remove tile paint.
The tile paint decided it did not want to be removed.

I think that it is fantastic that there are so many choices out there for products to match most tastes but during this process, I have found this choice to be overwhelming.  For the lounge, I have struggled to know which pile of carpet would be best for my needs.  I found that Carpetright have some great information on the different types of carpet.  For the bathroom, I have  needed to decide the sizes and layout of the wall tiles, as well as the vinyl for the floor that I would like to feel soft underfoot, yet not be too slippery when wet for the children to stand on.  I am considering this one.

I still have my final decisions to make about which carpet and vinyl to choose but I feel like I have narrowed it down considerably.  As it has taken so long for me to get the point of actually, physically doing something to change the bathroom and lounge, instead of just dreaming about it, I really want to do it right.  Even if it takes me a bit of time to choose the right products for our home.  I will write a follow up post about this to show you what I have chosen, hopefully very soon!


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