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How To Get More Of Your Five A Day

Convenience food is at an all time best isn’t it? Microwave burgers, rice and everything nice. Meals you pour hot water over and eat out of a pot. Ready made everything that you can eat out of the packet, or chuck in the oven for half an hour and it’s cooked. Then there’s the various street vendors and high street chains offering high quality tasty treats for super low prices and all ready almost instantly. Food is definitely, the most convenient it has ever been.

The problem with this is, we as a country are also more obese than we have ever been before. Studies show that in 2015 nearly 70% of men in the UK were obese, and nearly 60% of women were also found to be obese. Rising trends tracked from 2001 show that this percentage has been constantly rising over the years. This is not just because of convenience foods, lack of exercise, computer games, busy lifestyles or any one factor, it is because of a combination of things leading to any one person piling on the pounds unknowingly. Continue reading How To Get More Of Your Five A Day

Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection

Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

As part of the Summer 2016 Cooking with Kids with 3 Princesses and 1 Dude, we have made a Delicious Dinosaur Dinner.  This is a recipe that children can make with very little adult support.  All recipes are dairy free but you can substitute the soya products with dairy ones, if you wish.  Both children really enjoy anything with a dinosaur theme so they were very excited about having a special dinosaur dinner.

Cooking with Kids: Delicious Dinosaur Dinner

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Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe

Dairy free Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Cooking with KidsWe have made these delicious Volcanic Ice Lollies as part of 3 Princesses 1 Dude’s A-Z Cooking with Kids blog hop.  You may have also seen our other post Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection, with some other recipes related to this theme.  You can also check out the Dinosaur Party Ideas post for more ideas.

As we had some frozen berries left over from the Lava Smoothies, we decided to use them in this recipe.  You can just as easily use raspberries or strawberries instead. We decided to make four different versions of this recipe to see which we liked the most. We made Berry Ice Lollies, Berry, Vanilla and Coconut Ice Lollies, Half Berry-Half coconut Ice Lollies and Coconut-Berry Burst Ice Lollies. Both of my children have loved the idea of dinosaurs for many years. Their visit to the Natural History Museum in London to see Dippy, the Diplodocus, inspired them to ask more questions about that pre-historic time. Following on from their interests in this topic, the finished versions of these lollies all reminded us of the lava flowing from a volcano so we decided that they were Volcanic Ice Lollies.

Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Four Versions

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Strawberry Picking

#MySundayPhoto First batch of strawberries this year. Strawberry picking.
First batch of strawberries this year.

We seem to have been waiting ages to do some strawberry picking from our garden this year.  Each summer, there are more and more strawberries on the plants that we set over six years ago now.  These plants have spread out to cover most of the boarder area now and look  like they will grow further for next summer.  We have had lots of flowers, followed by lots of white small strawberries.  All of a sudden, we have had many red strawberries appear at the same time.

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