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Sundried Tomato and Mushroom New Potatoes Recipe

Here is our Sundried Tomato and Mushroom New Potatoes recipe which is a side dish that works very well as part of a barbecue menu or for party food. It is so easy to make yet is packed full of flavour.

We looked in our fridge and cupboards to see which foods we had to make a side dish for our summer barbecue. We often go to the shop to buy extra foods but as we are trying to cut our food bill lately, we decided to only use foods that we already had in the house. It worked very well and we didn’t spend a penny extra.

You can find our other barbecue recipes her: Steak with Citrus Dip and citrus new potatoes and BBQ Summer Fruits Steak Marinade and Chutney. We also have a very useful post about how to clean your barbecue for the summer months.

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What to Grow: Fruit and Vegetables in the UK

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For the vast majority of the UK the thought to grow your own vegetables seems a formidable task that is bound to take up a large amount of time as well as energy. The long hours spent in your garden begin to wear thin with originality which means that many people give up. However, with the help of Suttons and Dobbies, who’re both premium seeds retailers, we can provide a list of the best fruit and veg to grow in your garden.

Spring Onions and Radishes

Both of these vegetables are able to be grown in a pot or in the garden, whichever you prefer! They’re both perfect for a fresh, tasty salad. The spring onion supplies a sweet yet sharp crunch and the radish adds a peppery taste to the spread. For the best results in growing your spring onions and radishes, wait until the end of Spring when there’s plenty of sunlight before planting your seeds.


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How To Get More Of Your Five A Day

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Convenience food is at an all time best isn’t it? Microwave burgers, rice and everything nice. Meals you pour hot water over and eat out of a pot. Ready made everything that you can eat out of the packet, or chuck in the oven for half an hour and it’s cooked. Then there’s the various street vendors and high street chains offering high quality tasty treats for super low prices and all ready almost instantly. Food is definitely, the most convenient it has ever been.

The problem with this is, we as a country are also more obese than we have ever been before. Studies show that in 2015 nearly 70% of men in the UK were obese, and nearly 60% of women were also found to be obese. Rising trends tracked from 2001 show that this percentage has been constantly rising over the years. This is not just because of convenience foods, lack of exercise, computer games, busy lifestyles or any one factor, it is because of a combination of things leading to any one person piling on the pounds unknowingly. Continue reading How To Get More Of Your Five A Day