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5 Home Improvement Ideas You May Not Have Considered


When you search for home improvements, you will undoubtedly have had advice such as wallpapering and investing in new furniture. The problem is that it is all a bit boring and mundane, especially when to make a house feel like a home, it needs a touch of personalisation.

That is why below we have listed five of our favourite home improvement ideas that you may not have thought of that all of the family will love. Continue reading 5 Home Improvement Ideas You May Not Have Considered

How to Get a Rustic Home Look on a Budget


Home styles come and go over the years, but the one look that seems to have stuck and has appealed to many people is the rustic look. People just love a space that makes them feel like they are at the cottage or at a special weekend retreat. It’s one thing to spend a few days living amongst daisies and pine boards, but it’s a whole other thing to create it for yourself and live in it for any length of time. But the people who love this style, know it’s worth putting the effort in to get exactly that right look to exude the right feeling. And you can do it all on a budget – we promise!


The great thing about rustic homes is that most of the look can be achieved by using second hand or recycling materials, including the paint. Check out your local paint store for cans of paint that have been mixed improperly – these usually go for a reduced price because they were mistakes. Continue reading How to Get a Rustic Home Look on a Budget

Which Wood Flooring is Best for Family Life?

Raising a family is a challenge in itself, never mind the thought of ‘familyproofing’ your home. But the time will inevitably come when you’ll need to replace your flooring. Whether you’ve moved in to a new property or are looking to update your current one, choosing a flooring that can handle to wear and tear of family life as much as you do can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of all the pros and cons that come with the different types of wood flooring to hopefully make your floor search a little easier.

Solid Wood


The flooring that is most commonly sought after is solid wood. Undeniably, solid wood flooring is stunning and can really help in adding value to your home, something to consider when redecorating any part of your house. With its timeless look, solid wood flooring will definitely make your home look beautiful Continue reading Which Wood Flooring is Best for Family Life?

Home Improvements: Getting More Natural Light into the Home


The issue of getting more natural light into the home has been one that I know many people find difficult.  Our home is lucky to have larger than average windows.  It still has the odd spot where we wish there was more light.  Our living room is quite large for having only one window in it so the main artificial light is on a lot.  I have been looking into ways of getting more natural light into the home.

Three Ways of Getting More Natural Light into the Home

Continue reading Home Improvements: Getting More Natural Light into the Home

Home Renovations Wishlist


I have had a home renovations wishlist in my mind for several years now. I’ve been saving every last penny that I could over these years so that one day, I would be able to fulfil these dreams. We have spent time improving the bathroom, living room, kitchen and my bedroom. It is all very exciting! I thought that I would improve these rooms and be satisfied that they are clean and fresh. I am but now I seem to have thought of more ways that I would like to improve my home. Continue reading Home Renovations Wishlist