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Feeling Invisible

Autumn WalkI feel absolutely visible to the world most of the time but occasionally I feel like I am wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.  I have been pondering this feeling lately.  Am I the only person that feels like this?  Should I do something about this?  Is it all in my head?

When I am Visible

Each morning, I follow the same routine:  I get myself and my children ready for going out and walk out the door with a positive mind set.  After really focussing on becoming more positive in recent years, I go out  feeling hopeful that something good will happen.  Walking helps me to stay happy and content so I make sure I do quite a lot of it.  It works for me.

On our walks, I tend to greet everyone I meet with a smile.  We live in a small town where the people, often random strangers, stop to have a little chat.  Continue reading Feeling Invisible

How to Combat Loneliness

After learning that loneliness is detrimental to health, we were given the opportunity to raise awareness of how to combat loneliness, especially those that become lonely in old age.

How to Combat Loneliness

Although I have my children to keep me company, I often feel lonely after they have gone to bed.  I am lucky that I have lots of work to get through and so I try not to dwell on it too much.  It made me think about my Gran at the moment though.  My Granddad has been in hospital for over eight weeks now and Gran has spent much of her time at home.  She has visited Granddad for a couple of hours per day but due to the travelling, which she finds tiring, and the car park charges, which she finds expensive, she has spent a lot of time alone. Continue reading How to Combat Loneliness