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3 Reasons Why Family is Important

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Here are 3 reasons why family is important to us and how we try to include family time as much as we can.

Throughout my life, I have always been close to my family.  Christmas would always involve having a big family meal with my grandparents, Great Granny, aunties, uncles, cousins, everyone!  Some years we hadn’t seen each other for the whole year but we still met up for Christmas dinner.


Reasons Why Family is Important: Making the Most of the Time we Have Together

Christmas nowadays is different.  Since becoming a single parent, a lot has changed within our family unit.  A lot has changed with our extended family too.  Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Family is Important

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Sweets

Top 5 Favourite Childhood Sweets. Ad/advert/Sponsored Post. I have been busy buying sweets for my daughter’s recent birthday party.  We spent some time looking at the different sweets on offer in our local Morrison’s store. Not so long ago, we would often browse in the old fashioned, traditional sweet shop just down the road from us.  The owner retired so the shop isn’t there any more.  All three of us were actually quite sad about this. Looking at those old goodie jars and telling my children my own childhood memories, stirred up by the rows of containers with red lids, was wonderful. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten so much.

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How to Preserve Family Memories

I started this blog as a type of online scrap book of family memories, with an aim to remember as much as I can about my children, as they are growing up.  I am also very interested in recording the memories of other members of our family too.  I spent as much time as I could, recording the memories that my Grandad talked to me about, before his passing.  I have continued to visit my Gran to record her memories too.

Looking through old photographs
Looking through old photographs

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