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Home Renovations Wishlist


I have had a home renovations wishlist in my mind for several years now. I’ve been saving every last penny that I could over these years so that one day, I would be able to fulfil these dreams. We have spent time improving the bathroom, living room, kitchen and my bedroom. It is all very exciting! I thought that I would improve these rooms and be satisfied that they are clean and fresh. I am but now I seem to have thought of more ways that I would like to improve my home. Continue reading Home Renovations Wishlist

10 Tips for the Perfect, Hassle-Free Home Renovation

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A total home renovation is no easy task. Taking on such a big project comes complete with pitfalls, risks and responsibilities, so in order to help you renovate your home in an inexpensive and quick fashion, here are a few tips and tricks for you.

1. Create a Budget

Before you make a start on any task, create a budget for your home renovation. Familiarise yourself with the costs and expenses that you can expect during the project. In addition to establishing your core budget, set aside some extra funds for any unexpected emergencies along the way.

Continue reading 10 Tips for the Perfect, Hassle-Free Home Renovation

Pet Peeves with the RSPCA


Our dog, Floppy is the daftest family member so is the focus of our Pet Peeves post in association with the RSPCA.   She has an amazing personality and protects us to the best of her ability.

Floppy Dog

Pets Have Personalities Too

We try to spend as much time with Floppy as we can as she likes a lot of company.  She likes lots of fuss and loves it when S and H throw the ball for her.  She always has a great time sniffing for mice , rabbits and other creatures when we visit the countryside.  It keeps her very busy! Continue reading Pet Peeves with the RSPCA

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Olive Oil

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Olive Oil #ad #advert #sponsoredpost

I have mentioned a few times before how much I love olives so I am pleased to have come across Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil buyers guide.   I regularly eat olives as a snack and olive oil features heavily in the food we make and bake.

Which olive oil do I buy?

Previously, I must admit, I tend to just buy the cheapest  olive oil on the shelf.  I have never really been sure of which variety of oil I should be buying for the types of dish that I make.   This guide is so useful for understanding which to choose.  Continue reading Tips for Choosing the Perfect Olive Oil