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Sundried Tomato and Mushroom New Potatoes Recipe

Here is our Sundried Tomato and Mushroom New Potatoes recipe which is a side dish that works very well as part of a barbecue menu or for party food. It is so easy to make yet is packed full of flavour.

We looked in our fridge and cupboards to see which foods we had to make a side dish for our summer barbecue. We often go to the shop to buy extra foods but as we are trying to cut our food bill lately, we decided to only use foods that we already had in the house. It worked very well and we didn’t spend a penny extra.

You can find our other barbecue recipes her: Steak with Citrus Dip and citrus new potatoes and BBQ Summer Fruits Steak Marinade and Chutney. We also have a very useful post about how to clean your barbecue for the summer months.

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Photography: Muscles on the Sea Breakers

Muscles on the Sea Breakers
Muscles on the Sea Breakers

We had an amazing time on our summer holidays at the seaside. While there, S was very interested in the huge amount of muscles that were on the sea breakers. He has since even tried eating muscles, which is something that he would have never have dreamed of doing before our holiday. He didn’t like them on his first try but I’m glad that he gave them a go.

Have you been to the seaside this summer? What did you or your little ones enjoy the most about your visit?

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Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe

Dairy free Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Cooking with KidsWe have made these delicious Volcanic Ice Lollies as part of 3 Princesses 1 Dude’s A-Z Cooking with Kids blog hop.  You may have also seen our other post Delicious Dinosaur Dinner Recipe Collection, with some other recipes related to this theme.  You can also check out the Dinosaur Party Ideas post for more ideas.

As we had some frozen berries left over from the Lava Smoothies, we decided to use them in this recipe.  You can just as easily use raspberries or strawberries instead. We decided to make four different versions of this recipe to see which we liked the most. We made Berry Ice Lollies, Berry, Vanilla and Coconut Ice Lollies, Half Berry-Half coconut Ice Lollies and Coconut-Berry Burst Ice Lollies. Both of my children have loved the idea of dinosaurs for many years. Their visit to the Natural History Museum in London to see Dippy, the Diplodocus, inspired them to ask more questions about that pre-historic time. Following on from their interests in this topic, the finished versions of these lollies all reminded us of the lava flowing from a volcano so we decided that they were Volcanic Ice Lollies.

Volcanic Ice Lollies Recipe: Four Versions

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Summer Sandals Wishlist with Jones Bootmaker


As the sunnier summer days are upon us, well on some days anyway, I have been hoping to buy a new pair of sandals.  I love that day when the summer starts and I know I can start wearing this type of footwear again.  I find them so comfortable.  My trusty old sandals need updating for this year so I have been looking on the Jones Bootmaker website for inspiration.  Here are some of the summer shoes that I am considering buying.

Sandals wishlist with Jones Bootmaker #advert

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