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My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

I recently received a unique watch from JORD and it is the most unique watch I’ve ever owned.  It has been a long time since I last wore a watch.  My last watch broke and I never got round to buying a new one.

JORD unique wood watch.

Getting a Great Wood Watch that Fits Well

My wrists are quite small so I have always found it difficult to find a cool watch that would fit well.  Previous women’s watches that I’ve owned have meant that I’ve had to send each watch away for a few weeks, via the local jewellers, to get it to fit comfortably. Continue reading My Winter Wardrobe and My New Wood Watch

Caring for your dog during winter: 6 top tips

Caring for your Dog During Winter: 6 Top Tips

Caring for your dog during winter is something that we’ve not always found easy.  As a child and an adult, I have always had a dog to care for.  When I was younger, Mum did the majority of looking after our dogs.  As I became a dog owner myself, I realised that caring for a dog was not as easy as Mum made it seem.

Adapting to Different Seasons


During the summer, our Floppy dog is outside a lot.  She particularly enjoys running around in my parents’ garden.  Floppy chases the ball, runs to the fence to tell passers by not to come too close and generally doesn’t stay still for long.  S and H spend a lot of time running around with her.  They have lots of fun!


In the winter, she is totally different.  Floppy dog has never, ever liked going outside in the rain and will avoid it at all costs.  We have not had too much snow here during the almost four years that she has been with us.  When we did have snow though, she was curious to start with.  After that, she wasn’t so keen at all.  I know a lot of people that don’t like the rain or cold weather so dogs aren’t too dissimilar to humans.  It think this is good to keep in mind when caring for your dog during winter. Continue reading Caring for your Dog During Winter: 6 Top Tips

3 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

This week has seen the return of the colder weather so we have been thinking about different ways to keep warm this winter.  We tried to hang on to autumn as much as we could but now we have to accept that winter is finally here.  As someone that really feels the cold (yes me, who sits in a jumper during the summer months), keeping warm is something that I often think about.

3 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

Ways to Keep Warm this Winter: Hot Chocolate and Warming Food

This time of year, I absolutely love enjoying a hot chocolate now and again.  Continue reading 3 Ways to Keep Warm this Winter