Taking Care of your Car Tyres

As a car owner, I am very conscious of the fact that I need to regularly check my car tyres and keep my car in good condition.   I must admit, I do not know as much about how to look after my car as I think I should do.  I do keep my car in the best way it can be, nevertheless.  Here is how I make sure my car is in tip top condition.

H and S love to help me to keep our car clean.  They enjoy splashing about and spraying each other with water.  Grandma and Grandad often get their car washed by them too.

I make sure that I regularly check my car over, which includes checking the oil and water are at the right levels.  It is important to keep these topped up and at the right level.  Letting the oil run dry can cause damage to your car.  I have accidentally let my water for the windscreen wipers run low once.  This caused a visibility issue when I needed to clean the windscreen when some mud was splashed onto my windscreen.  Luckily, I was very close to home when this happened but it could have been a lot worse.

I remember when I first passed my driving test, I used to drive around all our local roads and visit friends.  I lived in the countryside and several of my closest friends lived on farms.  After leaving a friend’s house one evening, I felt my car was moving differently.  It was getting harder to steer as I got closer to home.  With my inexperience, as a young driver, I just carried on, steadily home.  The roads had no traffic on them that evening, which was usual for the back roads that I was travelling on.  I managed to arrive safely home but felt concerned and wondered what was wrong with my car.

When I got inside, I mentioned it to my parents.  When my Dad checked the car over in the morning, he found that it had a nail in one of the tyres.  There was still some air in the tyre but it was much flatter than it should be.  Dad said that the nail had let the air out slowly, which is why the car was feeling gradually heavier to steer.  My Grandad joked that it would be alright though, as the tyre was only flat at the bottom!  I helped Dad to change the wheel for the spare one in the boot then it was taken to the garage to buy a new tyre.

I don’t think that I would feel confident enough to change a wheel.  I usually travel with two young children and our dog nowadays, so I would not be happy doing this on the roadside, if something like this were to happen again.  I do make sure that I have roadside assistance in my breakdown cover though, just in case.

When it comes to my tyres, I also make sure that they have the tread at the legal depth.  When my car is checked during its MOT, I usually follow the mechanic’s recommendations as to whether I need new tyres or not.  For my last MOT, I was told that the tyres had passed but they would need changing soon, as the tyre depth was getting low. Point S has a great tool on it’s website, where I typed in my car registration and it gave me all the details of which tyres I need.  I could also purchase tyres from this website and have them fitted locally.

I think it is important to take steps to keep your car in good condition.  By checking the oil, water and tyres regularly as well as making sure your car is serviced and that it has its MOT when required, it is easier to keep check on any problems that may arise from wear and tear on your car.


Have you ever had a flat tyre?   Were you able to change the wheel yourself?


Disclosure:  This is a Collaborative Post.


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