Tasty Vegetarian Meals with Goodlife Review


We were provided with funds to purchase some tasty vegetarian meals from Sainsbury’s, with Goodlife. In an effort to include more vegetables in our diet, this opportunity to review some Goodlife vegetable meals came at the perfect time.

Vegetables as a Main Meal

Over the past few months, we have been adding more vegetables to our diet in an effort feel healthier and to save some money. We have found that vegetables can be the main part of our meals, rather than just being a side dish. We have tried hearty homemade vegetable soups, baked root vegetables and we have been looking into different flavours to add to cauliflower rather than our usual cauliflower cheese.

It is great to see lots of different vegetable based dishes on the shelves nowadays. The Goodlife range of vegetarian meals have a lovely variety of different vegetables and are easy to prepare.

Vegetarian meals with Goodlife. *Advertorial*

We tried four different items from the Goodlife range:

What we Thought About the Vegetarian Meals with Goodlife

These meals were so simple to cook. I’m used to making all meals from scratch so to have some meals that can just be popped into the oven, under the grill or in the microwave was fantastic.

Baked kievs, falafels and sausages

We liked the range of vegetables included in these vegetarian meals. My parents thought the mushroom and spinach kiev with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce was the most delicious food in this range. They were very impressed with the mushroom flavour and said that it almost tasted, ‘meaty,’ even though these products do not contain meat.

The kievs were delicious

The vegetable masala with cauliflower rice was also a favourite. My parents had not tried cauliflower rice before but they said that they would definitely like to try this again in the future. I think cauliflower rice is a great alternative to long grained rice. This had a strong smell of peppers when it was cooking and my Dad said that it had a mild, yet bell peppery masala flavour that he enjoyed. He managed to eat most of this dish to himself, as he enjoyed it so much. Dad said that this dish was very filling, even though he didn’t expect it to be without meat.

The vegetable masala was great as a main meal
The vegetable masala was great as a main meal

We thought that the falafels and sausages would work well as party food and would make great snacks. These are just the right size for picking up. My family did think that the falafels were drier than they had expected though.

Final Verdict

Overall, my family thought it was great to try some vegetables that had different flavours. They were very impressed with the kievs and the vegetable masala and said that they would happily buy these in the future. The vegetarian meals with Goodlife were much more filling than my family imagined. It was a good experience to think about how vegetables can take centre stage in a meal and we will certainly continue to add more vegetable dishes to our family meals in the future.

Everyone was keen to try the vegetable meals with Goodlife

You can find Goodlife products in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Ocado and Waitrose.

Have you tried the vegetarian meals with Goodlife yet? Which is your favourite?


Disclosure: This is a Collaborative Sponsored Post with Goodlife.

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