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Tech Must HavesAfter spending some time away from Pinterest, I have spent the evening getting lost in a world of tech must haves.  I rely on technology for my work and use it a lot for my leisure time too so I had a, er, quick, look on Pinterest for some must have items, plus a few that I just loved the look of.

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I think the idea of a stackable USB memory device is great.  Having a part of the device for music, another for work and another part of it for photos would work well for my needs.

I love these iPhone 6 cases, the Evo Wallet case in particular.  My old wallet phone case broke very quickly but I did used to enjoy having the wallet part with the phone to store my bank card more safely.  This case looks fab as it has impact protection on it to stop the case from breaking if it is dropped.

Another tech must have from my mood board is the Polaroid Snap Camera that takes instant photos without ink.  Instead, it uses special printing paper that contains coloured crystals.  These are activated to make the photo.

A tech must have for our kitchen would be the see through toaster.  I think this is only in the idea stage though.   I do think this is a great idea though.  We love our toast in this house and we would each be able to get it to the right colour and crispiness.

What would be your top tech must haves?

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