The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 1

#30DBBC Week 1 30 Day Blogging Challenge

I am currently taking part in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC with Sarah Arrow giving me many absolutely amazing tips on how to improve my blogging skills.  Here are my posts so far:

Day 1: How to Support your Child’s Education During the Summer Holidays – Here are five ways to help your child throughout the summer holidays with their school work.

Day 2: One Tiger Roars – Book Review – We have been reviewing this board book for younger children.  Find out what we thought about it by clicking on the link.

Day 3: Remembering – After a tough few weeks, my word of the week is, ‘Remembering.’ Here are the things I have been thinking about this week as the term comes to an end and as I have been thinking about my grandparents and their memories.

Day 4: Overcoming Fears – How can you overcome your fears?  How can you help your child overcome their fears?

Day 5: Voluntary Work – Do you volunteer?  Here are my experiences of voluntary work.

Day 6: Blogging Goals for July/August – This challenge has really helped me to focus on the next steps for my blog.  I chose five goals.  Which five goals would you choose?

Day 7: Is the post you are reading now.  My first roundup post for the #30DBBC.

Overall, I am quite pleased with getting through the first week of this blogging challenge.  Not only have I managed to write a post per day for this but I have also written my usual weekly posts too.  I really hope that I can continue to post every day for the whole of the challenge.

Have you ever taken part in a challenge like this?  Do you have any tips?


  • What a great challenge…Good luck with the rest of it!

  • I don’t think I could be creative enough everyday, good luck with the challenge x

  • Oh wow this sounds really interesting – I am looking forward to the rest of the challenge!

  • samantha ramos

    I love the idea of a daily blogging challenge. It sounds challenging, but I’m always up for a good challenge.

  • Bex Smith

    Ooh wow! What a great challenge, good luck with it!

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