The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 4

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 4
The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 4

Here is my roundup post for Week 4 of  The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC.

Day 22 – Four effective ways to relax.  The first ever infographic I’ve made. I am quite pleased with it, although I can see where I could improve it.

Day 23 – Word of the Week – Holidays. How are your summer holidays going so far?  Here are how ours are going.

Day 24 – How to overcome writer’s block. How do you overcome writer’s block? Here is how I do it, as a blogger.

Day 25 – Special dairy free fish pie recipe. I struggle to find dairy free fish pies so I used a fish pie recipe and made it dairy free.

Day 26 – Week 3 round up of #30DBBC posts.

Day 27 – Wordless Wednesday #3. No words allowed, you’ll have to see for yourself ;-).

Day 28 – One, Two, Baa, Moo, A Counting Book Review. A review of this wonderful pop-up book to help little ones with their counting skills.

I am really enjoying all that I am learning during this challenge.  What have you written this week?

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20 thoughts on “The 30 Day Blogging Challenge #30DBBC Week 4

  1. I really don’t think I could blog everyday, hmmm actually I quite like the sound of this challenge. I may give it a try x

  2. This sounds so good – I have been meaning to do it all summer! Well done to you – II love the round up. Kaz x

  3. I think you have done really well with this challenge. It takes a lot to blog every day without a break.

  4. I’m impressed that you’re managing to do this during the school holidays – well done! This week I’ve written about an Italian water park that we went to and another post with tips for saving up for holidays.

  5. Oh a dairy free fish pie, my daughter is dairy free so thins would be fab. plus we haven’t had fish pie in ages!

  6. blogging every day? that really is a challenge, I sometimes have trouble blogging once a week! I like your infographic, well done, that’s not something I’ve ever done

  7. wow I would so struggle at the moment. Im trying to get better after taking the summer of getting back into the flow of it all has been so hard.

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