The Skeleton

The Skeleton #WordlessWednesday
The Skeleton #WordlessWednesday

I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to visit the Body Worlds: The Happiness Project in Amsterdam.  Once we were in there though, I was very pleased that we had taken the time to learn more about the human body.  This exhibition is by Gunther von Hagens and I seem to remember him doing some lectures on the television some time ago, that I found very interesting. 

This is an exhibition of real human bodies and some amazingly detailed human parts to help you to understand how the human body works.   It also focusses on how you can help yourself to feel happier and healthier.  There are some interactive activities too.  H and S particularly enjoyed the swings in there.   S found this skeleton very interesting too.

I think that once you get over the fact that these were real people, the exhibition is very interesting.  I think these people were so generous in giving their bodies over to science after their deaths.  It really does help to think more about how our amazing bodies work.  Maybe our children will be inspired by this exhibition to work in medicine or to learn more about the human body.

Have you been to the Body World exhibition in Amsterdam or else where?  What did you think of it?

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  • How fascinating…This sounds so interesting.
    We recently went to see the Animal Inside out exhibition by Gunther Von Hagens in Newcastle. It was amazing.