The Tummy Bug – 10 Positives to get you through it

This week has been difficult as the tummy bug has taken up residence in our home.  My son and I had it at the start of the week, followed by daughter having a much worse form of it at the end of the week.  We have had very little sleep, there has been a faint smell of sick in the air and realising that I am very limited as to how I can help my poorly children is rubbish.  If only I could be ill instead of them, not as well as them!  Even though the tummy bug has been awful, we have not let it beat us.  In my quest to think more positively, I have compiled a list of my top ten positives to get us through this rubbish week.

Tummy Bug Positive One

Lots of cuddles!  Due to the general poorly feeling, we have all sat down and had many cuddles this week.

Tummy Bug Positive Two

We have been able to watch films, all day, and not feel guilty that we should be doing something else.  It has been a way to keep our minds off the gurgling noise coming from our tummies and I have realised that I DO actually enjoy watching, “The Little Mermaid,” after all.

Tummy Bug Positive Three

We have had a legitimate excuse for a daytime nap.  Since my daughter rarely naps any more, often choosing to tell me that she is tired by screaming in a high pitched tone instead, then this felt like a bit of a relief. We did not sleep for more than one hour on Wednesday night so our, albeit brief, nap on Thursday was very welcome.

Tummy Bug Positive Four

All the beds have been changed (three times) and are clean.  No washing at the weekend for me, as long as there is no more sickness.

Tummy Bug Positive Five

Related to the above, the bathroom is the cleanest it has ever been. No germs will dare go in there for a while. I have cleaned it thoroughly at least six times over the past day.

Tummy Bug Positive Six

All floors have been steam cleaned and some of the carpet has had the carpet cleaner on it.  Thank goodness for modern technology.

Tummy Bug Positive Seven

Our house has been very quiet this week.  There has been very little arguing as nobody has had much energy for it.  Floppy dog also has been left alone while she has been asleep this week, rather than being jumped on by H at every possible opportunity.

Tummy Bug Positive Eight

As we have been quieter and more able to sit still for more than ten minutes at a time, I have been able to drink hot tea on more than one occasion this week.  This is a record that has not been broken since 2007 for me.

Tummy Bug Positive Nine

I don’t have to go into work due to having to look after my children.  Which would have been true if the children had got the illness on my work days. Instead, I got it on my work days and still went in.

Tummy Bug Positive Ten

My son and I are well again and my daughter is almost fully better.  Tummy bugs feel like they are here stay forever but luckily, they only usually last a couple of days.

In Conclusion

Even though tummy bugs are horrible, I think I have been able to find some positives from our experiences.  I have got a very clean house at the moment, have shared lots of cuddles and we are all feeling much better now.   We got through it but if the tummy bugs could stay away for a bit now, I would be very grateful.

Poorly girl with a tummy bug
Poorly girl with a tummy bug


How do you cope when your children are ill?  Do you have any tips or tricks to get you through it?


  • So it all hasn’t been bad….Such a shame they have been poorly though! I hope they are both feeling better now x

    • We’re getting there, thanks. It’s always better to look on the bright side 🙂

  • Awww such great positives from something really pants! Glad everyone is on the mend now

    • Thanks, you’ve got to look on the bright side 🙂

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    I’m so sorry you have all been poorly, hope your all better now. I think it’s great you’ve been able to draw so many positives out of it. Hot tea is definitely a winner isn’t it!

    • We are getting there, thanks. It seems H is taking her time to get better though. Hot tea is the best kind of tea! 😉

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