#ThePrompt – To Read…

I am linking up with #ThePrompt which is ‘To read…’ this week.
To read... #ThePrompt

I live in a house full of book worms so this prompt is a good choice for us. My son in particular, always has a book in his hand.  He reads stories, science book and magazines, amongst other things.  Constantly taking in information, it is obvious in the vocabulary he uses and the questions he has, that all this reading is doing him good.

I have always encouraged him and my daughter to read.  Bedtime isn’t right without having at least three bedtime stories.  We talk about the detail in the pictures, the characters, the plot and focus on the words used.  Other times, we read for the sake of reading.  At other times, the children read to me.  H uses the pictures and her memory to retell the stories and S thinks about how he can use expression to help with his story telling skills.  The most important factor is that the reading is fun.  To read should be an enjoyable experience.

We always jump at the chance to review different stories.  My son’s favourite book reviews have been The Steampunk PiratesNina Goes Barking Mad and Dog on Stilts.  My daughter’s favourites include, Clockodile, Noisy Dinosaurs and How to Catch a Star.

There are so many wonderful books out there.  In our house, we sit down to read everyday and we would all read all day if we could.

How often do you read?  Which kinds of books do you enjoy reading?  How does it make you feel to read a good book?

  • LiveDreamSparkle

    Love this post. I am an avid bookworm. I have to confess to enjoying chick lit to relax me and inspirational books too.

  • Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    We read, a lot! My oldest reads whenever he can, and we read with my younger son. My little girl loves listening to stories and will often bring me a book to read 🙂 Our house is full of books! It’s so wonderful to see children absorbed by a book. Thank you for sharing with #ThePrompt x