Thinking About Starting School

H will be starting school within the next few months.  In a couple of days, we find out which school she will be going to in September.  I must admit, I am experiencing a mix of emotions.

My daughter is about to get her notification to say which Primary School she will be going to. I have talked, in this personal post, about  how I feel as a Mum and how my daughter feels about starting school. There are some tips on how to prepare for starting school and what to expect in the Reception Year at Primary School. Nervous, excited and thinking of all the fun times we've had together.

Starting School: A New Era for our Family

The announcement of which school she will be going to is one that starts the beginning of a new era for us.  I have absolutely loved having her at home with me, as much as we have been able.  It has been fun having long walks and doing little activities in the daytime.  As well as cuddling up and watching Disney films when she is shattered from a few days at nursery, as well as the walks.

I remember when S started school, all those years ago.  I remember spending the first couple of weeks in September missing these sorts of times.  I soon started thinking differently though, as S came home telling me all about the new friends he’d made during the day, as well as all of the fun activities he’d taken part in.  He always gave me extra long cuddles when he got home (he still does).

A Hint of Sadness, Excitement and Nervousness

For S, I knew that I was having another child when he started school but this time around, I think that H will be my last.  This has made me feel slightly sad when I think of her starting school.  The first four years of my children’s lives have passed by so quickly.  Admittedly, with life’s twists and turns, I feel like I have forgotten some of the happy times we had together when he was little.  Then again, if I kept every memory at the forefront of my mind, my head would be absolutely full all of the time.  I am so pleased that I’ve kept scrapbooks, photo books and my blog to remember all those precious little moments.  These memory aids have helped remind me of all these wonderful times we had together.

I am so excited for H as school is her next step to being more independent.  She is ready for school.  She wants to learn more and more about everything.  She asks if she can go to school yet to make more friends and is a little envious of her friends that are already in their Reception year.  She is as confident and as independent as she can be at four years old.  I expect this to put her in good stead when she starts school.

I am a little nervous about finding out which school she is going to.  Her brother goes to the same school.  Even though this should help to support her application, I still feel a bit nervous and will do until we finally have confirmation as to which school she will spend her next few years at.  I have slight worries that things won’t go as I think they will when she does start school.  Maybe she’ll hate it?

What if she Hates School?

I think it is totally normal to have reservations about the unknown.  If only I could see into the future, I’d know exactly what would happen and I could prepare for it.  But I can’t.  Which is probably a good thing.  She might have days where she doesn’t like school.  She might have days where she feels very tired, especially in the first term as she gets used to her new routine.

If she does hate school, we’ll deal with it at the time.  If she loves school, we’ll react accordingly.  I think it is a take it as it comes kind of situation.  When S started school, we had a lot going on at home.  I was worried about all sorts of things.  So many, ‘What if…?’ questions went through my head.  When it finally came round to the start of school, he had a fantastic time.  He was very tired after school for the first term but this didn’t last too long.  We had to think of ways to get him to do his homework but overall, he loved it.  I am sure H will have just as much fun and I know that I am overthinking things too much.

A Big Change

This is the biggest change H has had in her life so far, so any emotions I am feeling are normal, as far as I am concerned.  I think it is natural to think ahead to prepare for the future.  The only thing I don’t want to do is to let anything play on my mind too much.  I don’t want to be the one that actually causes her to be worried about starting school.  I talk to her about the positives of starting school whenever she wants to discuss it.  So far, she has only talked positively about the prospect of staring school.

Talking Positively About School

It is important to keep positive about starting school.  I have not said anything to H like, “When you start school, your teacher will tell you off if you do that!” It is best not to say these kinds of things to her, otherwise she will be wary of her teacher.

I have to remember that my worries about her starting school are not her worries.  She should feel the way she wants to feel about starting school.  Any of her worries need to be talked about and any positives should be encouraged.  It will make it much easier for everyone when she does start school.

I think that talking about school is helping to get her used to the idea of going.  If I were to avoid the subject altogether, she would not react well when I suddenly drop her off there for several hours a day for five days a week.  Talking and answering any questions she has, as well as being open and positive about her upcoming big routine change is a good way to prepare her (and me!) for everything.

A Change for Me (Mum)

Routine will change for me as well when H starts school.  It will be strange dropping her off at school with S.   At the moment, I feel this would be an improvement as we will not miss the dash to Nursery after the school drop off.  I’ll miss those few days per week when it would usually be H and me days.  It will be easier for me to work during the day though.  At the moment, I work during the evenings and through into the night.  It will be nice to be able to do that work in the daytime instead.  I certainly have enough to keep myself busy so that I don’t dwell on the change in my routine too.

I remember preparing S for school in a similar way.  He went into school happily and excitedly.  Although this is what I wanted, I had a little moment of thinking that he didn’t need me any more.  He’d gone in better than I’d thought but it was still strange leaving him on that first day.  It was a change in routine for me too.  I think it is important to allow yourself a little moment, maybe a little cry, to lament that those toddler days have gone.  It is important to remember that there are lots of good times ahead and many, many more memories to make.  After this, the next thing I need to think about is S starting Secondary school soon.

Waiting for the News

I am sitting patiently, waiting for the news of which school H will be attending in September.  I will know very soon.  Has your child got into the school you wanted them to?  How do you feel about the prospect of them starting school soon?



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