Thinking about ways to heat a home

On our search for a new home, it has been apparent that the different ways to heat a home has been something that I have paid a lot of attention to.  I have been looking at much older properties than the one I am currently in.  It has been very interesting to find out the difference between different houses and their heating systems.  Our current home is cosy and warm but I am concerned that our new home will been cooler.  I have spent some time researching how to get around this potential problem.

We have viewed a couple of houses that have needed some modernisation, which has included the heating systems.  I have previously lived in a home that had very old storage heaters in, that did not work very well. I used to dread the wintery temperatures, inside and out.  One of the houses we viewed had similar storage heaters so I knew immediately that if we were going to purchase this house, which ticked all the boxes for everything else, we would have to think of a good way of heating this home.  As funds are limited, especially at the time of buying a new house, I have been trying to find a cheaper way to either compliment the heating already in the new house or to replace it completely.

To compliment the heating, I found a convector heater on Argos that seems affordable.  My parents have a couple of these at their house, for times when it is not cool enough to set up their coal open fire.  Alternatively, I have seen some slimline electrical radiators on Best Electrical Radiators.  Gas is not supplied to the property that I am looking into buying and I am not sure about having an oil tank in the garden.  These electrical radiators seem like an affordable way to heat the home as they are part of an electrical central heating system.  Far from the days of the storage heaters, that I disliked so much all those years ago, newer electrical heating systems are said to be much more efficient.

I will continue to consider the possible new home that I am thinking of buying  but in the mean time, I think that looking into the different ways to heat a home is a wise thing to do.  There are lots of options nowadays, many more than I originally thought there were.

How do you heat your home?  What have you found to be the most cost-effective way of heating a home?  Which have you found is the warmest?  Any advice would be much appreciated.


Disclosure:  This post is written in collaboration with Best Electric Radiators.

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