Tidying the Garden for Spring

Tidying the Garden for Spring #SponsoredPostThe time of year has come around again to think about tidying the garden for spring.  There has been quite a lot of rain here lately.  Due to the damp ground, I have put off tidying the garden so far.  This is something that is on my list to do within the next couple of weeks, probably when the children are on holiday from school so that they can help me.  They love gardening.

Tidying the garden for spring – Our to do list

Painting the Fences

This is the year that I NEED to paint my fences.  There is a lot of fence to paint but now my children are a bit older, they are getting very excited at the prospect of helping me out.  In my mind, this will be a practice for when they help me paint the living room walls.  At least outside they can polish their skills and any mess outside will not be too much of an issue.  That is the theory anyway.

Cutting the grass

Our grass seems to have got particularly unruly over the past few weeks.  I think it is a mixture of having a bit more sun and a good amount of rain.  We often have frogs in our garden, who love to hide in the grass when I’ve not cut it for a little while.  I will have to make sure I check there are no creatures in the thicker clumps of grass before getting the lawnmower out.  It will feel great to get the grass cut for the first time this year though.  I have my sticker ready for the green bin collection this year.

Preparing the boarders

We have some strawberry, raspberry and blackberry plants around the edge of the garden.  Each year, I make sure that the soil has been turned and that any weeds are removed.  It is worth taking a bit of extra time with these, as when the summer comes, we have a good crop of fruit to gather.

Trimming the trees

We have recently had a public path put in the other side of our fence.  As a part of this, two large trees were removed from that side of the fence in order to make room for the path.  The tree in our garden was left where it was.  I feel that this tree needs to be cut back as some of its branches hang over the path and the sign for the new roundabout close by.  I have been looking at some advice from the experts at Advanced Tree Services (ATS) to see what could be done.  I have come across the practice of crown lifting, which is where branches and soft growth are removed from trees so that there is a clearer  space from the ground, building or highway that is currently causing problems.  For me, this would mean removing those branches that are creeping over the path and road sign.  In the future, I think that this is something that needs keeping in check so that no stray branches obscure the road signs.

Advice from ATS would be to only remove some of the tree, about 15% of the live crown height, according to their website.  They wouldn’t recommend crown lifting for more mature trees though.  This is ok for us though, as the tree in our garden is relatively young.  You can find out more about ATS and tree crowning on their website.


How do you prepare your garden for the warmer months?  Have you started tidying the garden for spring yet?



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