Tidying the lawn after winter

Tidying the lawn after winter #SponsoredPostAs I have been thinking about tidying up my garden, I have been considering ways to tidy up our lawn after the winter months and have come across Flexi-Edge Lawn Edging.

It gets to this point in the year, where I look at the edge of the lawn and I feel a little disheartened at the thought of having to dig to make sure there is a good boundary between the grass and the fruit patch.  The ground is often harder, which means extra effort in digging through the grass and soil to make it look tidier.  I am limited for time this year so I was very interested in an easier solution for this.

Flexi-Edge Lawn Edging

I think that this edging could be what I have been looking for.  It is an easy to install plastic edging that doesn’t require any digging. It separates the edge of the lawn from the flower beds or fruit or gravelled areas in your garden.  As it bends up to seventy degrees, it would be great for a variety of gardening needs, such as around trees.

I like that this product is made from recycled materials, with it also being hard wearing.  I think that it is useful that this edging is able to be moved, if we decide we would like the edging somewhere else in the garden later on.

Our garden would look great with some brown edging but this Flexi-Edge Lawn Edging comes in several different colours: terracotta, brown, black and grey.  As this comes in packs of 6 x one metre lengths, I think this would be quite versatile and I would not have to worry about measuring my garden boarders incorrectly.


I am going to consider this a bit more but I think that this edging would be useful in my garden.  Do you use edging in your garden or do you tidy the edges of your garden in a different way?  I’d love to hear any tips you have to save time, when thinking about this gardening task!


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  • We don’t have edging, but do have a very large garden that needs tidying! You’ve just reminded me how much there is to do!! 😧