Tips for Choosing the Perfect Olive Oil

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Olive Oil #ad #advert #sponsoredpostI have mentioned a few times before how much I love olives so I am pleased to have come across Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil buyers guide.   I regularly eat olives as a snack and olive oil features heavily in the food we make and bake.

Which olive oil do I buy?

Previously, I must admit, I tend to just buy the cheapest  olive oil on the shelf.  I have never really been sure of which variety of oil I should be buying for the types of dish that I make.   This guide is so useful for understanding which to choose.  I have never really taken too much notice of the different flavours of this oil before so it is good to know how to properly taste test them.  I think I shall be buying a few varieties from now on to use in my cooking.  I love to snack on black and green olives and I really enjoy their different flavours so I can imagine that the oil also has distinct differences too.  The buyers guide below has some great tips for when you are making your choice.

Jamie's Italian Olive Oil Buyers Guide
Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil Buyers Guide

Do you use olive oil in the food you make?  Which are your favourite dishes?  We particularly love putting it in breads, pizzas and frying polenta.


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  • Merlinda Little

    I am not keen on using olive oil when I cook but add it to make everything shiny after! And yes on bread too! Now I am suddenly hungry haha!