Tips on buying gifts for men


I always find gift buying very difficult, especially for men and particularly for my boyfriend. Whether it is for Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day, I find that buying them socks (even if they do say something hilarious on them) is no where near what men nowadays are expecting. I have bought cheese knives, card games, books, vouchers, all sorts of things over the years but no matter how much I try to resist, a new game or accessory for either the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox is always a winner. My boyfriend is hoping that I will actually buy him a PlayStation 4 for his birthday. I know this because of the amount of hints he has been dropping for the past couple of months. If I do get him one, or if he gets impatient and buys one for himself, I will make sure he gets a set of PlayStation 4 headsets with it! Sometimes an hour of cars brumming or listening to zombies being killed needs to be contained.

When I have thought about buying him a new console or replacing the controller he (or possibly, my son) has misplaced, I found an excellent site online that specialises in peripherals and accessories for the PS3, Xbox and PC. It is called Geoteck. I have seen one that I think he would like, the VX-2 Wireless Controller, a key point being that it is wireless and says it is made from materials that feel natural to hold, while also being robust and durable. I think that this particular controller would be a great gift for my boyfriend. He would be able to play games with his friends, me or my son more frequently, without having to take turns passing his one controller between people. I think that if you were buying a gaming accessory for a man in your life, one of these stylish controllers would be a great buy. I know how competitive some men can be so an extra controller to play against another friend would mean more competition plus more fun!

If a man in your life is lucky enough to already have a PlayStation 4, Geoteck offer leading PS3 Controllers at the moment and are hoping to release PS4 Controllersin the future. I have read that there are not many options out there for the new generation of consoles but Geoteck are working on this.

Many men I know, although not all, enjoy escaping into the world of their PS3, PS4 or Xbox. I have found that new accessories and games for these are always received with more enthusiasm than anything else. I think I will be buying my boyfriend something to aid him in his pursuit to complete which ever game he is on at the moment. I have a little more time before it is his birthday to think and to save my pennies to get him something that he would love.


Disclaimer:This is a Sponsored Post in association with Gioteck.

  • Gaming accessories are a great idea for a gift and I wouldn’t know where to start. It is handy to know that there are sites out there specialising in the latest accessories to help guide me when I buy

    • dillydrops

      It is difficult to know where to start as there is so much choice! The website for this company is set out clearly too so when I looked, I was able to find what I wanted quite quickly.

  • Hellie’s Corner

    I agree buying for men is impossible, my dad seems happy with a shirt or jumper. My hubby buys all the techi stuff, I haven’t got the first idea πŸ™‚

    • dillydrops

      I know what you mean! Once I’d looked at the website, I was able to talk a little more confidently with my boyfriend about the techi stuff. I kept it simple, headsets and controllers.

  • Ergh!! Playstation 3 widow here! He wants a PS4 but will wait until they come down in price a little!!

    • dillydrops

      Probably best, they are expensive aren’t they! Luckily, my boyfriend is able to limit his gaming time but I can see how he could get carried away with it!

  • In my case – buying for Mark – is very easy… he is always ending up with a new game or a gadget, but he loves it!

    • dillydrops

      Games and gadgets are always winners in our house too!

  • My OH is a PC gamer so if we buy him things to use he just hogs the machine even more – I try and avoid buying them – maybe I should buy a rota so he understands taking a turn!

    • dillydrops

      Ha ha! You’re probably best off getting him the socks then!

  • Anything that is durable has got to be a good idea! Everything ends up broken round ours πŸ˜‰

    • dillydrops

      It’s hard finding things that last nowadays. Especially with gamers around! He he!

  • I bought my husband a game for Christmas for his PS3. He loves it!

    • dillydrops

      I’m glad to hear that. They always seem to appreciate new games :-).

  • My OH is not a gamer but I know a lot of guys who are and that they would probably love this πŸ™‚ x

    • dillydrops

      You are very lucky! πŸ™‚ They are great gifts.

  • Men are so difficult aren’t they! My OH is always happy with something for his PS3 or music related gifts, however, they can be so expensive!

    • dillydrops

      Gaming or music gifts are great gifts but you are right, they can be very expensive.

  • Men are hard to buy for, but gadgets always seem to be a good choice #binkylinky

    • dillydrops

      Gadgets are always a winner too.

  • I find men hard to buy for too. My husband is a gamer actually so I have bought him a lot of that stuff in the past, although now he is getting less time for gaming

    • dillydrops

      Gaming stuff is always received with enthusiasm in our house but it is quite expensive if he doesn’t get much time to play anymore. Gadgets are good too, maybe he’d like something like that?

  • My ten year old is a huge gamer, so would love this sort of thing. My OH is a guitar fiend instead!

    • dillydrops

      Brilliant! It’s easy to get hooked on the games, isn’t it? My son also loves playing. You are very lucky to have a musician in your household :-).

  • I too struggle with gift ideas for all of the men in my life (that sounds bad! I mean my husband and male relatives!! Ha!) Anything techy seems to work a treat!

    • dillydrops

      Ha ha! I agree, techy works well with all the men I know too.

  • The man in my life is always really hard to buy for…the little man in my life (my teen) is just as difficult!

    I recently posted: Chocolate + Peanut Ice-Cream Cake

    • dillydrops

      It takes a lot of thought nowadays, doesn’t it? My son loves science kits at the moment but I can’t even imagine what I could buy him when he gets to be a teenager!

  • I always really struggle to buy things for the men in my life. Unfortunately not all men are gamers, certainly not those over the age of 50!

    • dillydrops

      I find wine, whiskey, cheese, gadgets or homemade gifts from grandchildren are great for men over 50 that I know :-). I’m glad not all men are gamers.

  • My hubby is such a nightmare to buy for, hasn’t got many hobbies and always says he doesn’t want anything! x

    • dillydrops

      That is just like my Mum! It makes it very difficult.x

  • I never know what to by my Hubs for a gift. I usually end up taking him to a motel near a gambling casino and setting him free.

    • dillydrops

      πŸ™‚ Sounds like a good plan!

  • A headset is a good idea, I have to listen to hubby playing his ps4 most evenings

    • dillydrops

      Oh no! I feel for you :-(. Getting a headset for him is definitely the way forward!

  • Tom is SO hard to buy for and he always insists he doesn’t want anything too! x

    • dillydrops

      Oh dear, my Mum is like that. Very difficult to buy for!x

  • Jenni (@GingerBisquite)

    The men in my family are really hard to buy for, none of them play games or have any interest in sports. Everyones stuck with homemade gifts from us these days although things to do with the weather seem a good bet for my dad.

    • dillydrops

      Homemade gifts are fantastic! They are very personal.x

  • My hubby isn’t a gamer but my brothers are so will remember this for future birthdays!

    • dillydrops

      Brilliant! Glad I’ve been able to help :-).

  • My husband loves his games! I’m not so keen but you’ve got to keep them happy some of the time! x

    • dillydrops

      True! Games, in moderation, are fun.x

  • Luckily I know that I can’t go wrong with a bottle of whisky for the hubby πŸ™‚

    • dillydrops

      My Dad is also very happy with whiskey! πŸ™‚

  • It is really hard buying the boys of all ages gifts, isn’t it??? And I have three! Thankfully all of them are into electronics πŸ™‚ Makes my life easier! Thanks for the recommendation, will check Gioteck out.

    • dillydrops

      They are quite difficult! Glad to have been of help :-).

  • VaiChin

    I always struggle to buy presents for the OH. A good book or DVD seems to work most times.

    • dillydrops

      Books and DVDs are great too! My OH likes books full of (often useless) facts!

  • winegumsx

    I completely agree, my boyfriend is ridiculously hard to buy for… and everything he likes is expensive! So annoying – why can’t they be more like us? lol x

    • dillydrops

      Lol! You are right, boyfriend gifts are always expensive. Bloomin’ men! πŸ˜‰

  • My boys (hubby included) love gaming so I shall be heading over for a look as i am fed of cables everywhere

    • dillydrops

      Fantastic! Wireless is much better! πŸ™‚

  • My husband would be thrilled with socks – every pair of his seems to have a hole in! #BinkyLinky

    • dillydrops

      I don’t know how they manage it, my boyfriend is the same.

  • Men/boys in my house are a nightmare to buy for, gadgets, coffee and socks are the standard issue. xx

    • dillydrops

      Ooh…coffee, I forgot how great a present that is! πŸ™‚

  • What else is there to do if, despite all our best efforts, they still persist? Otherwise it becomes like prune-juice: “I’m giving you this not because you want it, but because it’s good for you.”

  • It always takes me ages to think up a special gift for the husband. He doesn’t do any kind of game consoles, he does have gadgets but mainly for work (he’s an I.T. consultant), not really because he wants them so it can sometimes be very difficult. At the moment he’s really into maritime fiction so he’s been getting lots of books from everyone for Christmas and birthdays!

    • dillydrops

      Books are always great gifts! It’s difficult to buy gifts nowadays.x

  • dillydrops

    Thank you x.

  • I always struggle to buy men presents. Women are so much easier to buy for! Thanks for linking up #binkylinky

    • dillydrops

      I find women easier to buy for too.x