Tips for Saving Money on Homeware

We have been looking for some new homeware to put in our new kitchen. If you have been following us on Instagram, you will have seen the troubles we’ve been having with our new kitchen. I think that it will look great when it is finally finished but we are all getting impatient now.


To cheer ourselves up, we decided to have a look at which homeware we would buy to give our kitchen those important final touches. Most of the homeware I have in my kitchen has been with me for well over twelve years now and I feel like we would like to have some new items as some of these are looking a bit worn.

Debenhams Discount Codes to Save Money on Homeware

As a student, I would spend a good amount of time in my local Debenhams store, dreaming of the homeware items I would have in my forever home one day. As a student, I had the bare minimum. It was nice to dream of these things for the future. Saving money nowadays is a must for these extra items for my home. Being a single Mum means that I am still bound by a tight household budget. I have been looking on the Debenhams voucher at Discount Promo Codes to help with this.

Homeware from Debenhams

Our bin has had a large crack in it for a while now. It really annoys me, as we often end up with stinky liquids seeping from it onto the floor. I wanted to wait until we had our new kitchen installed so that I would know which size and shape of bin would fit best in our small kitchen. I really like this Simplehuman 45 litre slim pedal bin.

We also like this Jamie Oliver non-stick 4-piece frying pan set. My pans have lost their non-stick over the years and it has come to the point where I need to stop burning food on the bottom of these pans. I think using Debenhams promo codes would help me to save money on some new pans.

My parents always tell me how useful glass worktop savers are. Now that I have new worktops, I would like to keep them in the best condition for as long as I can. I really like this at home with Ashley Thomas red ditsy hearts glass worktop saver. I think the pattern is just my style.

Finishing Touches to our Kitchen

I am going to keep looking at this website for other lovely items to put into my new kitchen. I have decided not to buy anything until the kitchen is completely finished. I am really enjoying looking through the website and choosing items that I will hopefully be purchasing in a few weeks. It is a very exciting time!


Discount Promo Codes donate 20% of their profits to charity so by using these voucher codes, you are donating to charity.

Have you used Debenhams discount codes before? What are your favourite homeware items from Debenhams?


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